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Our first night in Honolulu

Anxious to land at the Honolulu airport

At the beach


Ethan is one cool dude!

Surf's up!

Going Surfin'

He conquers the wave


Our last morning in Honolulu

We arrived in honolulu in the early evening and jumped in a cab heading straight to the Sheraton Hotel in Waikiki. By the time we got there we were starving so we looked for a restaurant nearby to eat. We found a Sushi restaurant (which the kids requested) but it was way to expensive for our backpack budget so we opted to go back to our hotel for room service. Instead we paid $50 for 2 less than satisfactory club sandwiches. Early the next morning, because of the ime change, (I believe it was 5 am) we went out looking for a nearby Starbucks and other places to eat for later.

Waikiki beach turns out to be a very busy place with tourists. We will look for another island to go to where there is more for us to do and hopefully a bit less touristy.

On our 2nd day the kids and Chris decided to get a surfing lesson. I stayed on shore to take pictures. They had a blast. Sisley and Ethan were standing on their board in less than 5 minutes into the lesson. What else is new? They were great at it.

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