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South Dakota Bye Bye (by Diane)

We finally left South Dakota. It sure seems like we have been here forever. Now, don't get me wrong, it is a very nice state and we saw lots of great things here, but we spent too much time here over the holiday. We really didn't have much of a choice.

We pulled out of Mitchell this morning around 8 am. Dick and Gail were the leaders for the first part of our day. They escorted us into Sioux Falls and we all got a chance to see the waterfalls at the park. I think they were less impressive than they usually are due to the drought that is going on in this part of the country. We also went by the stock yards and Bonnie was very happy that all the pens were empty. Of course, we didn't point out to her there were several trucks loaded with cattle pulling into the processing plant that was right next door!

Larry and I then took over as leaders. We negotiated our way out of Sioux Falls and found a great back road into Iowa. Don wanted to be able to put Iowa on his map and according to his rules; you just have to drive through the state with your rig to qualify.

We drove about 30 miles on a great small highway and saw literally miles of corn and soybean plants. We all stopped for lunch in a small county park.

We then headed north and into Minnesota and stopped at the first welcome center we could find. The folks in there were sure helpful and we got lots of information.

We all arrived safely in Welcome, Minnesota around 3:00 this afternoon. (Yes, that really is the name of the town we are in.) We only traveled around 200 miles, but we sure took the scenic route.

The lady at the welcome center said to be sure we found the local meat packers as they make 18 different kinds of bratwurst. Don, Juliann, Larry and I all took off and finally found the place. Needless to say, we are all stocked up with several different kinds of bratwurst, taco, bacon cheeseburger, oriental and onion. One night we will cook them all up and try them. We also purchased some summer sausage that we sliced up to eat when we all had our afternoon tea!

We are staying the night in a 99% Dusty approved campground tonight. (Bonnie said all it would take to be 100% would be critters to keep Dusty amused.)

Tomorrow we are off for Mall of America and we leave for point's east on Monday.

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