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Well, I can't believe that it's been a month already, the whole month of November just flew by! Anyway, we move on tomorrow, destination Las Vegas. But first we're giving Mom a ride to Mesquite to sister Joyce's. As you know, she spends the winter there every year. It is entirely too cold & too snowy for her to stay here in Ely during the winter months.

We plan to stop at a truck wash on the outskirts of Vegas when we arrive. We've never used one before but understand they do a nice job on both the 5'er & the truck. They are both in dire need and neither of us are up to the task these days. Well, that's our story & we're stickin' too it! LOL

We did manage to sort through a few things in our basement & in our stored things here at Mom's but it was too cold to want to spend much time at it. So, we'll make another stab at it in the spring sometime. We really want to lighten our load. I think another BIG yard sale will be in order. Like I said, it will be much warmer then so we should have tons of stuff for sale. Perhaps I'll post a list, in case we own something you just have to have!!

And finally, my Premium account with Trip Journal expired yesterday. I can't believe we've been with them for six years already. I am debating whether to renew my subscription with them for another year or not. Do you guys find it worth your time to read this blog occasionally?

I guess a bit of feedback from you will help me make a decision. So, if you've got a minute, let me know okay? Thanks....

And thanks for your loyal readership. We really do appreciate it! :)

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