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Not much new here on the home front. We pretty much stayed in for the couple of snowy days we had over the weekend but the weather has improved greatly. We are now in the 40's during the day & the high teens at night. Feels like a heat wave, lol! The past few days we baked a cake, mostly to heat up the kitchen, baked salmon and tonight we're having baked manicotti. The oven really helps, lol. We also enjoyed the clam chowder son Tom made while we were in Oregon. He was kind enough to freeze a couple of bags of it for us & we knew Mom would really enjoy it. And she did! The salmon came from Oregon as well.

Yesterday Larry took Mom shopping for our Thanksgiving dinner 'ingredients'. They came home with both a ham & a turkey and all the trimmings. Well, all the one's you can buy this early. I haven't decided how much baking I'm going to do this year. My wrist has been acting up a bit again & I don't want to aggravate it if possible. As I mentioned in the past, I can only have one more injection in this tendon for the rest of my life. And I certainly hope that that will be a long time from now! So, we'll see. Everything might be store bought this year.

I'm getting used to my new computer although I wish I knew a bit more of the 'ins & outs' of Windows 7. I'm thinking of buying a tutorial of some kind. If any of you have a suggestion, please let me know. I've also picked my Kindle Fire up out of the dust & am enjoying reading on it. I finished one book last night & have started on a second. Thanks Harold & Jeanette. Harold loaded books on both of our Kindle's while we were in Colorado visiting with them. I also turned on the Wi-If and actually looked at my emails & browsed Facebook for a bit. Guess I need to get a tutorial on what all the Fire can do as well! My honey has a deep hankering for the NEW IPad 4. He keeps hinting that Christmas is just around the corner. That darn Smartphone! I knew it was going to cause trouble, lol...Thanks for stopping by:)

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