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Bronze representation of one early "industry" in Hagerman Valley


"Golden" trout, a hybrid Rainbow trout experiment

Zebra-like Hagerman Horse fossil in the town museum

On loan from Smithsonian - found in the hills south of town

Ancient pictograph

Sheep and "melons" - huge boulders tumble smooth in the Bonneville flood

More "melons"

Hagerman is a small town in southern Idaho. The population is supposedly a little more than 800 though it seems like there might be more. The area is noted for its fossil beds and the Thousand Springs of the Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer. Hagerman is home to both National and State fish hatcheries, a university aquaculture research station, and extensive aquaculture businesses – that is, fish hatcheries for commercial purposes, cool clear springs perfect for trout farms, as well as an abundance of geothermal hot water springs.

The industries in Hagerman and the surrounding area are beef cattle ranching with alfalfa and corn fields in abundance, huge dairy farms (you smell them on the air!), sheep ranching, fish hatcheries for commercial processing and national distribution of trout, dried bean farms and geologic tourism (canyons, gorges, aquifer waterfalls, fossil beds, fishing, rafting, bicycling).

The town is very small with two gas stations, a fairly good sized market, a couple restaurants, a museum and visitor center, an elementary, middle and high school, post-office, hardware/nursery and RV park all in a beautiful valley, Hagerman Valley, along the Snake River below the Snake Plateau. We liked the town a whole lot....except that the entire time we were there it smelled of dairy “girls”. We wonder if that's a year round odor carried on the breeze. Probably. Boo. That would be a down-side. Other than that, it's a town in which we would consider living. We loved its size, proximity to the large city of Twin Falls (about 35 miles away) and surrounding activities.

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