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Well, our plan to meet Valerie did not work...we waited until 11 but she did not appear. However, around 9:45 I saw a bus heading out of town w/ a gal in the back who looked just like her and she was standing up seemingly waving. We went across the street to the internet until 2:30pm when we returned to the bus station. Surprize, there she was having just returned from her bus trip w/ school children to several of the sites in the area! And, yes, it was her I saw in the bus but she was unsuccessful in stopping the driver so she had written a note for the 'ticket manager' who always returns to the station, however, we never got the message. All is well, she delayed her bus trip back to Girne and Bon, Mari, and Valerie are going to the museum and Mama's Cathedral

Check This Out Tea Partyers

hopefully to return with sufficient time to get to Lefkosa before dark!

They returned plenty early enough, the museum was FREE! Had a nice chat and then all of us got on our respective buses at 5. Once in Lefkosa it was just a 15 min. walk to old town where we chkd out several O.N. options before settling on Seslikaya Hotel near the main square. Cost the same as last night but 3 separate beds, big bath, good hot h2o, TV that works, & wifi! Value for the $$$ always convinces me in addition to a pleasant, welcoming Manager.


Another day of info gathering...went to S. part of the city (Nicosia), Greek and euroland. Much more expensive, so we will stay where we are, Seslikaya Hotel, in the Turkish part of city until we move on. Can't get $$ from ATMs due to reports of fraud so our funds are limited to what we have in cash (our emergency $$). Just have to make it until the 18th, the travel costs are our main concern due to Easter holiday here (Greek Orthodox). Hopefully, the info we got from the very helpful Tourist Info people is accurate and bus schedules are just cut back some. Checked out renting a car but that would be $14 euro for each of us a day, not a good value but definately worthwhile to get to all the sites since buses do not go alot of places we'd like to see.

Went to Cyprus Museum...very nice and worthwhile...

Wiki Info Leventis Museum

Wiki Info Cyprus Museum


Walked around the S. city, very strange crossing from one 'country' to another within the same city even if one of them is not recognized by the other and visa versa. They seem to be 'on hold' for now trying to work out a plan for the future. There is very definately holdover animosity, though, and signs on both sides that wounds do not heal quickly. Of course, this is an ongoing problem for centuries but most recently, the Brits only created the 'division' which really escalated in 1974 to the present situation.

We had planned to meet Valerie again at the hostel in the S. but when we walked to where the hostel was supposed to be, no hostel! There was an old sign on a tree pointing in the direction it was, but after asking around, it must have gone away quite awhile ago since we asked around and no one remembers it. So we were discouraged thinking now the only way to get in touch with Valerie would be internet which she checks rarely. We headed for McDs for tea/coffee after our lunch of salad where we ate yesterday (good salad and reasonable) and who should be in line at McDs!!!?? Valerie...amazing how things happen sometimes, reconnecting must have been predestined somehow, ha! Lots of sharing stories, Valerie had a cab to the address of the hostel but when it was not there she just went to a local cafe where the owner gave her an lemonade while she collected her thoughts. She finally ended up at the new location for the hostel in the old town where they asked her age and finding out she was 43 they informed her she could not stay because she was over 35!!

Ended up at another Hotel where she had to commit to 3 days at $100 euro!! Bummer! Made plans again to reunite somewhere on Monday...we will see.

Happened into the Leventio Museum

Walking around the old town S Nicosia. Visited the Leventis Municipal Museum see above.

Wiki Info Leventio

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