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Our dirt road out of the BLM camping area is now a...

It was raining off and on all the way to Casa Grande...

Casa Grande, AZ

All that rain gave us gorgeous sunsets

It was raining all night and the winds were picking up the past couple days. Even though we've had overnight rains this week, the water usually did not pool because the desert soaked up the moisture. But not this morning, there was standing water everywhere and we were glad to be leaving. Our dirt road leading us out of the Bureau of Land Management camping area was now a flowing river. All the washes were filled with flowing water also.

It rained all the way to Casa Grande, AZ and there were high winds. I know we won't have very good fuel mileage on this tank because we were fighting head winds all the way.

Our camping spot in the resort was near the water catch basin, which was full, and we were very glad that there was a large motorhome next to us to keep us from getting the full force of the winds tonight. Even though somewhat protected by our neighbor, we are still being buffeted. Hope we can sleep through this noisy wind tonight.

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