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Scary storm on the way to Virginia

There is music

The Principal speaks

The graduating class

Megan is called up

Megan receives honors

All A's in every subject all year!

Called up again

Special award in Spanish

Presidents award

Happy Graduate races off stage

Coming back across the green

Pam and Megan

Pam, Megan and Me

Grandma made her a personalized bear

Megan, our 13 year old granddaughter, moved from 7th to 8th grade which in her school is a big deal. 8th grade is the first year of high school. We went to Williamsburg for the ceremony. Megan is an excellent student and won many honors for her academic achievements. We were very proud of her. After the ceremony all the kids run across the green and are greeted by the upper class. Megan will be coming to Pennsylvania in July so we'll get to see more of her while we're in the area.

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