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Gareth at The Blue Mountains one more time!

Helen shows off The Blue Mountains

Helen in front of the giant gorges in The Blue Mountains

Half way down the "Giant's Steps", Gareth starts to run out of...

Helen is shattered on the stairs to hell!!

The rock face next to the feature 'The Three Sisters'

G + H at the foot of The Three Sisters!

Gareth and Helen at the bottom of the Giant's Steps. Very tired...

Helen at the top! Yay! Check out the Three Sisters on the...

G at the top. Very tired! Time to get to the pub...

Helen gobbles on Pancakes that night... for a change!!

The Three Sisters at night


One more chance to check out the fantastic Blue Mountains. This time we didn't bother to go on any of the cheesy rides or take naff cable cars, like last time. This time we took a huuuge walk through the valley floor. The only problem being of course, getting down there! We had to climb down what is known as "The Giant's Steps". Mmm. Over a thousand of the things - very tiring but worth it none the less. Down under the 'canopy' of trees it's a different world, with wildlife and vegetation everywhere. The whole walk took around 4 hours, also requiring us to climb up a similar number of stairs at the end of the walk!

The Blue Mountains are, without doubt, one of the best attractions in New South Wales. A trip to Sydney is not the same without staying here for a while and taking it all in. The main town in the area is Katoomba, and you can get there by train for less than $10 if you have a weekly pass already. Do not under any circumstances take a tour up there - they cost up to $100 and they are simply a waste of money!

Chance in a lifetime stuff folks...

Lots of love from Gareth and Helen x x x

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