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View of Half Dome through tree

View of Whisp of Upper Yosemite Falls - Normally no water in...

Another view of Upper Yosemite Falls

View of Granite Valley Wall

Climbers take 3 days to climb this granite wall

Ranger on Tree Walk standing on stone with dimples used by indians...

Sequoia needles up close

Close up of Golden Oak Acorns


Another Valley View

Couple Selfie

Valley View

Another View of the Valley Wall

View of Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls

View of Merced River

October 12 – Camera Walk, Ranger Trees Walk and Dinner at the Lodge

We signed up for a walk with a professional photographer from the Ansel Adams Studio in the Yosemite Village. I was surprised that Adams used a manual Photoshop-like method in the dark room to modify his photos – sky darkened to black, dark photo borders added, white made whiter etc.

I was also surprised that he used f-stops of 250 and 500 – in other words, letting light through a pin hole sized aperture. He used the high f-stops to make the foreground and distant object crisp and in focus.

In the afternoon, we took the ranger tree walk with the same ranger as the previous two walks. The ranger was superb in sharing what he knew about the subjects and was so enthusiastic he reminded me of Diver Ed at Bar Harbor.

For dinner, we visited the Yosemite Lodge restaurant for delicious and pricey meals. Had we had a window seat, we would have been able to view the Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls. : ) At this time of the year, the falls are not falling but the heavy winter snow is still melting to offer whiffs of water. If you squint at a couple of my photos, you will see the whiffs in the middle of the black lichen on the granite wall. The black area shows how wide the falls are in the spring.

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