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Old bridge

Karen's mask

This is where we spent the night, this place is beautiful. I wonder how it got it's name of Destruction Bay. Well, all of the Yukon that we have been through has been gorgeous.

I went mushroom hunting this morning and found a couple of dried up ones but I did see this bunny. We are told that these will turn all white in the winter. Some of them are jet black and some are a shade of brown.

We stopped for a while to take a break and look at this old bridge. Parts of this bridge are from the original bridge over this river on the Alaskan Highway. That must have been quite a trip seventy some years ago. This part of the Alaskan Highway, from Whitehorse, Yukon to Tok, Alaska is always under construction to some extent. The very severe winters and the short working season to get anything done guarantee that will always be the case unless some breakthrough is made in road construction.

It was extremely dusty is some stretches of the road today, and I do mean dusty. Even the inside of the motorhome you could taste the dust which forced Karen to improvise a dust mask. We made it to Whitehorse just fine and with enough time for me to try to diagnose and fix an air leak that has been bugging me since we left. Success, somewhat, I removed a non-essential air line and plugged the line. Yay!

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