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With Dad having recently arrived in the UK (for the first time in 55 years!), we decided that the time would be good to leave immediately and explore somewhere new. I decided to take a week off an travel with Dad down through Austria, Slovenia and Croatia - finishing in Dubrovnik.

We flew into Salzburg, the plan being to look around Hitler's Eagle's Nest - however, this plan was not to be as it closed for the winter 3 days prior to our arrival. Although this was somewhat ominious, and did not bode well for the rest of the trip (as it was the shoulder season), we enjoyed spending a day in Salzburg, looking at the castle (and its somewhat freaky puppets).

Salzburg also involved finding a damn good Austrian pub in the bowels of an old brewery and sampling a number of the local beverages, as well as generally exploring the town.

However, most of our trip was not about Austria, and so the following day we hopped onto our train to Zagreb through Slovenia.

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