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Em during the first Friends sesh. The excitement soon wore off!!!

Assume the position!!!

View of the 'Family Guy' bar from one of the many 'Friends'...

We got the structual engineers in to check the foundations before I...


Fishermen and a giant flying jellyfish.

Me reading, with a bottle of "concentration juice"

Em was all concentrated out.

Some/ALOT of rain.

After a very lazy start, the following 'M', 'C', and 'A' were...

I was holding this for someone. I haven't had a drink for...

Em 4 seconds away from a nap after being fed and watered...

We wandered up the road for breakfast this morning.

I would say "into town" but it's a very small village.

What we did notice straight away though was that it is 50/50 with travellers/locals and that every other shop is a bar/restaurant playing non-stop 'Friends'.

It is really chilled out place and very friendly though.

After breakfast we had a couple of cool ones and watched some Friends, then went across the road and had a couple more beers while watching non-stop 'Family Guy'!.

Later that afternoon we went across the river on a little bridge to the Joker bar and just hung out (literally) on some hammocks. There was some acoustic Hendrix playing as well which was really cool!!

In the evening there was a big old thunder storm and lightning and a few power cuts so we headed back to the safety of one of the friends bars for a drink and some fud.

Obviously when there's a power cut there's no lights (and no friends which was a welcome break!) but they knew the drill very well so within 2 minutes of the power going the place was lit with candles and the food and beer kept on coming so no one minded.

We finished here at about midnight and so retired. All friends's out!!!


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