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Awning damaged in Sept 2010 wind storm

Peter and Bob taking the awning off

Our new look - awning less!

Tom stopped by to welcome us home

Our new heater - it is great!

The Whatever Clock

Hi Friends,

We are home! Arrived back on October 1st and realized that we really should have put our front awning down before we left. We left it up because we NEVER have wind storms in September! Murphy's Law kicked in and a few days before we came back we had 2 full days of 70 - 90 km winds howling up the strait and right into our campground! Our front awning decided to give up. The front right side broke away from the frame and busted! Our wonderful neighbours were kind enough to put the awning down the rest of the way once they noticed the damage - to prevent it from destroying more of the awning and trailer! Our great neighbours, we thank you very much!

As I unloaded the car (lots of stuff since we were away 3 weeks) Peter and the campground manager, Bob took the awning off the trailer. We really do not need it on the front at this time. If we ever decide to move then the awning will protect the window from rocks hitting it. Until then, it is not needed. We have it set aside and we will get it fixed - eventually!

The next day we headed to Walmart to check on Peter's work schedule. While there we noticed a really little electric heater that looks like a fire place. We have seen these before and all of them have been to big and too heavy. This one was only 20"h, 16"w, 10"d and very lightweight - the right size for our small home.

At the same time we headed to Innovations, a great little gift shop in town and guess what? We found the Whatever Clock that we hunted for all over the lower mainland and never found! Go figure! While setting up the heater we had a visit from one of our heroic (put awning down) neighbours, Tom. He stopped by to welcome us back home.

Time to relax, do some laundry and get back into our routine.

Till next time - enjoy. Peter & Connie

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