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Well as much as you love travelling you love getting back to some familiarity and I must say it, I love Tesco. After arriving off a late ferry from Calais we found a 24 hour Tesco (God love America for bringing us such things) and I danced down the aisles (for those who don’t know, I LOVE supermarket shopping.... strangely more than clothes shopping) A supermarket with every imaginable thing (including vegemite, but no BBQ shapes ) and at midnight that night we had baked beans on toast for dinner and they were the best baked beans I have ever had!

The next morning I spent a couple of hours at Tesco and guess what?! You can get Hot Cross Buns here all year round! For those of you who know how much I love Hot Cross Buns and that they are my staple diet from January to Easter every year, know how excited I am! So after eating some Hot Cross Buns, we drove to a place near Stonehenge.

Avoiding London at all costs, we need to get the equivalent of a road worthy for Moby, like they make you do in NSW every year, and that is the only reason we are back in the UK. So we are booked for Tuesday and everyone pray we pass because we don’t know what we will do it we don’t!

So we visited Stonehenge. You aren’t allowed to walk amongst the stones, just around them, but you get pretty close. While we were there the Druids were holding a ceremony, they got to walk amongst the stones . From there we went on to Bath.

We spent the next day in Bath looking around. It is a really nice little town, really nice old architecture. And of course we visited the Roman Baths. When the Romans arrived here, 69AD, it think.... they built a temple and a bath complex over a hot spring. You can’t bathe in it now but it was pretty cool to look at, certainly something different. When you have finished wondering around you can then taste a free glass of the mineral water. It was so disgusting! It tasted like sulphur.

We are heading north tomorrow to a place called Gloucester for our roadworthy. What happens next lays in the hands of a mechanic!

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