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Larry's new raincoat

The river beside the RV park was very high


Debris going down the river

Lake Shasta - this lake is usually very low when we go...


Snow had accumulated on the sign

Black Butte Summit



Snow piled up at the truck stop


A couple of miles beyond Weed


Wahkeena Falls off I84.

Multnomah Falls - the tallest in Oregon - 620 feet


Horsetail Falls


Bonneville Dam and Locks

Salmon at the fish ladder

The fish counter

Bonneville Fish Hatchery

Rainbow trout

Young sturgeon

Big white sturgeon



Herman the Sturgeon

Ten feet long

70 years old

A cloud of baby fish


Cage full of baby pigs in the back of a truck

Still wearing shorts

Dressed a little warmer

The road around Mt. Hood

Reading while waiting for the tow bar to be ready

We found our way through San Francisco and over the huge Bay Bridge. It wasn't too far to Corning. We stayed the night and stocked up on olives, garlic-infused olive oil, pickled mushrooms and chocolate covered cherries. We were constantly checking the weather because the next day we would be going over the Siskiyou mountain passes. We headed out about 9:30am and got as far as 10 miles past Redding. They were checking everyone to see if they had chains. The line was about 10 miles long. Of course we didn't have chains so they turned us back. We went to Les Schwab in Redding and bought chains. By then we decided to go to a nice park we had passed on the way called Durango RV Park in Red Bluff. Turns out that Red Bluff is only about 13 miles north of Corning. The big black clouds were amazing, all heading towards the mountains.

During the night it poured rain and the wind got up. Larry got up at 2:00am to put down the satellite dish and at 3:00am we both got up and put all 4 slides in. We were afraid the awning toppers would tear. When we got up in the morning, we went to the clubhouse for coffee and were talking to a man who told us that the tin roof off a local business had blown off in the night and part of it was in the back of one of the trailers in the RV Park! They think the rest of it blew over to the river and floated away. The river was very high too and was apparently already flooding back down the highway. We left the park about 11:00am hoping that the wind would die down. When we got to the point where the check point had been the day before, it was no where to be seen. We had no trouble getting over all the mountains. The worst part was at Black Butte Summit (3900') between Dunsmuir and Weed and even so the road was bare and wet. After that, even though the Siskiyou Summit is higher (4310'), there was no snow to speak of. We're not sure what the panic was.

We stayed one night at Seven Feathers RV Resort in Canyonville OR. This park is attached to a casino, hotel and huge gas station. It was the cheapest diesel fuel in California at $3.75 per gallon. It's beautiful and we've stayed here before. It's back away from the highway, almost in the forest. It must have been hunting season (at least we hope so) because there was some gunfire in the woods the afternoon after we arrived.

We headed to Eugene about 10 am where we stayed at Premier RV Resort for two nights. We had some shopping to do for the new coach and were happy to do this in Oregon with no sales tax. We were able to find everything we needed at good prices too. We didn't have a lot of exploring to do here because we've been here so many times. We did notice that the usual cows in the pasture seem to have been replaced by sheep. There were lots of little lambs running around. During dinner the second night part of Larry's molar tooth broke off. He wasn't able to find anywhere there to have it fixed so he made an appointment for Monday at home. This changed our plans slightly.

We left Eugene for Portland where we stayed for two nights. During the second day we took a trip, a loop actually, to Hood River then around Mt. Hood and back to Portland. Along the way we were stopped by a state trooper for not pulling over a lane when passing a vehicle with flashing lights. There were actually two of them stopped so if the trooper had decided to he could have given us two tickets (at $287 each) but he decided to just give us a warning. Phew! We passed some amazing waterfalls along the way as well as a dam with a fish ladder and hatchery. We stopped at a pub in Cascade Locks for lunch. As we drove higher we encountered a lot of snow at the side of the road. The roads were fine. The next day (Friday) we headed for home. We stopped at Roadmaster first to have our tow bar serviced (for free). This took two hours. Then we drove right through. We encountered a lot of traffic all the way from Tacoma through to Everett. There was no trouble or long line at the border. This got us home a couple of days early but we have a lot to do in the next few days.

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