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My normal view

A great spread of food, with more to come!

The 'Boy Band'

The girls catching some rays

Silk Worm Island

Fisher-ladies at Mieu Island

Steering with one ore

Moored along the fishing pontoon

Catch kept fresh in this 'pond'

A lone fisherman


Social meeting area

Sun going down

Ladies prey - monks inside

Giant horizontal Buddha

Sleeping peacefully

Sitting Bhudda

On top of the hill

Monks exiting their service

Long Son Pagoda

Nha Trang from the hill

Calling to prayer

For me, Nha Trang was all about beach, beach, beach and sea....

Instead of having only one whole day to look around Delat (in the Central Highlands) I chose to stay and sit on the beautiful beach here in Nha Trang for 4 days. Loungers with great cushions and massive umbrellas were only 20oence to hire for the day, so got my toes painted at the same time. Also got a 4GBP hair-cut which I thought should be better than my Argentinean one as I can speak much more French than Spanish, but Monsieur didn't listen too well and took even more off than before!!

But I was active one day and took a cruise to visit 4 islands: Mum (Ebony Island), Mot (Single) Island, Tain (Silkworm) Island and the fishing village on Mieu (Temple) Island. Here I met a couple of English girls who I have previously spoken to lots and some new Canadian girls, so was a fun day. We snorkeled, jumped off the boat into the clear water (unfortunately we were one of many boats and seemed to always to the centre boat when they moored together), and sunbathed. They provided a great spread for lunch of sea-food and to stop us sleeping the 'boy band' performed and got us all singing and dancing - usually this sounds awful but was actually great fun. After that was "Happy Hour" where everyone was given a rubber ring to laze by the floating bar which was giving away red wine and pineapple. The rule was that if you said "no" to anything you would be require to skull the remainder of the bottle - yes, I was targeted so had a fair amount!

Nha Trang town itself, set along the coast, was full of bars and restaurants and being developed at a very fast rate - I was very surprised to see sky-scrapers with more going up.

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