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Crossing the Columia River between Longview, Washington & Oregon...

Yayyyy, we made it!

Check out all the lumber you see while crossing the bridge!

Me & my bud Judy! Dave loves this pic!

Our camping spot here in Scappoose, Oregon...

These guys have lived across the street for years...

Hi there!

Are you lookin' at me? You don't spit at people, do you?

Pat & Me, she's doing really well bless her heart :)

Her friend Rachel stopped by for a visit, nice gal, just finished...

On our way back to the bridge I whined & complained about...

Until I saw this lovely decorated tree....Too cute!

Next post finds us at Multnomah Falls so please come back!

Well, on our way home from our overnight trip to Port Angeles we noticed the truck was running a little rough and seemed to be 'missing'. So we extended our stay here in Elma & Larry took the truck into the Ford dealership. As you may know, we had quite a bit of work done on it in Rapid City so were a bit dismayed when we started 'billowing' black smoke after fueling in Gillette. We stopped at numerous Ford dealerships in the past few weeks & were repeatedly assured it was 'bad fuel'. The truck seemed to be running fine, it just had lots of black smoke coming out the tailpipe. Bottom line, they replaced a cracked serpentine belt & something to do with our turbo hoses. $800+ dollars worth of repairs.

It seemed like all was well when we pulled out of the Olympia area but 34 miles down I-5 we had a loud 'explosion' and the truck lost most of it's power. We limped off the interstate & called the Olympia dealership and the consensus was that we drop the 5'er and drive the truck back 10 miles to a dealership in Chehalis. It was Friday, 2pm and they said there was no way they could possibly help until Monday. Well, that was not an acceptable answer for sure! Our home was not in a very secure location & we were not comfortable driving back to it or leaving it there. So, I batted the baby blues & begged. Not sure which one worked, but they finally agreed to take a look at it. We all thought it would be an easy fix. It was, sort of! The mechanic put it on, test drove it, it blew off, he put the hose back on, test drove it, it blew off! He was really shocked, that never happens...The third attempt, it blew off & split where it apparently had a smaller split from earlier. This was on the new part purchased the day before. Anyway, the two dealerships chatted back & forth and finally decided to repair it under warranty so there was no cost to us & by 5pm we were hooked back up and on the road again. Hopefully all is well with the truck, seems to be....

We made our way to Longview, WA where the Columbia River crosses to Oregon 30, destination Scappoose County Rv Park. We finally got set up around 7pm & headed downtown for a bite to eat. The next day we spent with Dave & Judy, friends for over 45 years! Judy was my best friend in high school. It's amazing how every time we are together again it seems like we were hanging just yesterday! Now that is a true friend! Monday we made our way back to visit a longtime friend, Pat Cooper. Pat resides in Kalama, Washington & normally we would visit her at home. But a couple of weeks ago she was standing outside chatting with her Pastor & his wife and there were some young men throwing a football nearby. Apparently one of them was running backwards, didn't see her, and ran her down. Broke her hip! Oh my, she had to have a hip replacement so is currently in a rehab center. She's doing well but will be there for about 3 more weeks. Pat resides alone & will need the help. We stopped by & picked up her favorite halibut sandwich for lunch...A bit of a change from the normal rehab fare I suppose! And, she really wanted a Dr Pepper too, lol. Had an enjoyable visit for sure.

All too soon it was time to head back across the river. Tomorrow we're going to Multnomah Falls & taking a drive down the Hood River. We hear it's quite lovely this time of year. See you there!

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