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Tetlin Visitors Center

Cliff swallows

9 MPH road

We left Tok RV Village a little after 11 this morning, heading for Destruction Bay. We were going by the Tetlin Wildlife Refuge and decided to stop. It is a very interesting building. It took 4 months to build with hand hewn spruce logs.

Up in the eaves of the building were these nests, I thought they looked similar to the barn swallow nests back home. Karen inquired inside what they were and found out they are cliff swallows. You can see them peeking out of the nests.

We were on roads like this for part of the day. In 10 hours we traveled 220 miles counting our stops and eating. Karen decided to drive and in about 15 seconds we saw a moose ahead. She pulled over and didn't want to drive anymore, afraid she would miss seeing another moose.... that was the only one we saw today. We did see something fantastic today though. I was driving and as I looked up the road I saw a large animal but didn't know what it was I thought maybe a moose calf? As it ran from the road down into the ditch I thought it was a horse! We stopped where it crossed and there it was very close to us, we both got to see it very clearly, it was a grey wolf! It was huge! We were all excited and still are!

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