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An easy morning's drive brought us down over 2,000 feet into the temperatures we have been waiting for - not warm enough for swimming, but warm enough for anything else you would want to do. The foreseeable forecast has sunshine symbols every day. Yay!!

We are staying at the campground we stayed at the first time we spent time in Tucson. Then it was associated with Lazy Days. Along with its main branch in Tampa, Lazy Days is one of the biggest RV dealers in the US. They sponsor a TV show we watch occasionally where they "teach" newbies how to shop for an RV. Usually the show has us yelling the TV, because we don't agree with many of the decisions and recommendations. Nevertheless Lazy Days is a leader in the industry. We don't know why they offloaded this campground, but these days it is being run by KOA, the largest network of campgrounds in the US. Generally KOA's are on the pricey side and offers family oriented amenities we would never take advantage of, but we bought their discount card for the year, because we plan to meet friends who left their RV in Australia at one and KOA's often have cabins to accommodate campers without campers. The campground is as immaculate and spacious as we remembered. They have installed a huge array of solar panels down the middle of the campground, which are large enough to park under. The installation is impressive and looks expensive.

Our stay here should be a mix of business and pleasure. Today we purchased eight new batteries for the motor home. Each weighs 67 pounds. I must admit I am no help in this operation. After putting them all into the car, Ken is resting and will do the installation tomorrow. Then he will have to lug the eight old ones which weigh even more back to Costco for the recycling refund. The fun never ceases.

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