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Carpe Diem at Escapees Benson Cooperative

Back in Arizona!
We left in April and are back till February

Interstate 10 in eastern Arizona

Another one... Do you know what it is?
Yes, we know what it...

Rocks on I 10 just east of Benson

We were treated to a breathtaking storm-induced sunset

A desert sunset on steroids

On Sunday we visited Tombstone Arizona

Tombstone is home of the OK Corral

Now that's a wheelchair

Fri, 16 Oct: We return to Arizona...

Today's 113 mile drive was an easy one despite some crosswinds that kept Bob on his toes (and hands firmly on the wheel!) We departed the Kranberry's Restaurant parking lot in Lordsburg NM at 0834. A short drive to the I 10 westbound ramp and we were off. Twenty-some miles later we crossed into Arizona, where we'll most likely remain until February.

We left New Mexico after 35 days. We'd never spent much time in The Land of Enchantment so these four plus weeks were pure discovery. We hope to return and further explore this gorgeous state.

We continued west on I 10 to Benson Arizona, where we left the Interstate for local streets leading to the Escapees Saguaro Cooperative. We arrived at 0932, exactly an hour after left! Did Bob drive 113 miles per hour? Hardly, our arrival time was Mountain Standard Time while our departure time was Mountain Daylite Time. We gained an hour when we crossed into Arizona, one of only two enlightened states (Hawai`i being the other) that refuse to change their clocks for that great mass farce known as Daylite Savings Time. If daylite is "saved", who has it and where is it? Today's drive yielded an impressive 9½ mpg.

We got settled into a full hookup site and Bob dumped and rinsed the holding tanks. We'd been living on our internal tanks since arriving at the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta RV Park so a good rinse was in order.

Following lunch we drove to an RV park on the west side of Benson to visit with our good friends Ben & Bonnie Ackerman. The Ackermans have a lot there with a beautiful Casita and RV shelter. We spent the afternoon visiting and they treated us to a BBQ dinner with all the fixins.

Back home we "crashed" early as the time change caught up with us. The weather, which had been threatening all day, finally turned nasty and we had thunderstorms off and on all nite.

We'll be here till Monday morning when we plan to drive another 113 miles or so to our "home park" in Casa Grande. Meanwhile, we hope to visit with Ben & Bonnie a few more times during our stay.

Sun, 18 Oct: A great weekend...

We had a lovely weekend the Ackermans. We met for lunch yesterday and they returned to the coach with us. This morning we renezvoused and drove to the "ghost" town of Tombstone. Tombstone, home of the infamous OK Corral plays on its fame in Spades. When we arrived they were having a parade that included more "characters" than is normal. A multitude of Doc Holladays, bar girls, and even a few Klingons. Almost all of the characters were totin' weapons, real or otherwise. The lack of respect for and practice of fundamental firearms safety was frightening.

After taking some pix and heading out while we still had all of our appendages we dined at Benson's Farm House Restaurant. After lunch we bade goodbye to Ben & Bonnie. We hope to see them in Quartzsite this January, or sooner.

Sunday evening's sunset was spectacular. Fueled by the recent storms the abundant clouds and desert dust combined to create one of those rare sunsets. Bob took some pix which are posted hereon.

Tomorrow we'll head to Casa Grande and RoVer's Roost.

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