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Good morning to all,

We lost another hour of time last night as the ship continues steaming east and north toward Vancouver. The temperature is also slowly dropping into the high 60s, which does not surprise me for this time of year. Good thing is it remains sunny!

In spite of not feeling too well yesterday, I managed to carefully conserve energy so that I could go to this dance venue to listen and dance to the songs of ABBA, which I like. That nice couple, Alice and Gordon from Vancouver Island, appeared again, and I sat, talked, and danced with them. They do seem like nice people. Alice has been sick for over a week with this crud.

Good thing for me is that I was able to have enough energy to last the full evening (1.5 hours). That was a good sign considering earlier in the day this creeping crud virus that has me somewhat ill (I say somewhat considering how many people are really sick on the ship) really short circuited my energy level. Hopefully, this means I am on the mend!!!

Later today, I am going to look at the pictures of the "formal nights" and see which ones I might like to buy. I'll try to send one once I get them.

I have three more days at sea before arriving in Vancouver, BC, then head to Seattle on a local bus. Thanks for reading.

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