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Carpe at Port Ludlow

Construction along I 90 east of Seattle

Construction along I 90 east of Seattle
We just love these Jersey Barriers

Traffic on I 5 near Tacoma

Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Chris points out local landmarks to Bob

The Hood Canal

Bob relaxes in our stateroom aboard the ms Amsterdam

Bob's flaming Pinnacle entree

Pinnacle Grill Creme Brulee

Amsterdam main dining room

Sawyer Glacier, Alaska

"Critters" on our bunk

Johns Hopkins Glacier: Glacier National Park

Margerie Glacier: Glacier National Park

Margerie Glacier Calving: Glacier National Park

Bears grace the Lido Pool

Pioneer statue in Sitka, AK

St Michaels Russian Church, Sitka

The Intrepid Travelers receive their 100 day medallians
A bit late, we have...

The Crows Nest

"Da Team", winningest Trivia Team
With Cruise Director Gene Young

Bob poses with Leilani, our dinner Beverage Stewardess

Wed, 05 Sep: Today we moved the final 139 miles to Port Ludlow Washington. We'll be storing Carpe and Dinkum here for two weeks while we take a cruise to... Alaska! We'll board the ms Amsterdam Friday.

We departed Easton around nine and continued west on I 90 to WA 18 to I 5 and then WA 3, WA 303, and WA 147 to Port Ludlow. The weather was perfect and the drive relatively stress free except for occasional construction, traffic, and jerks! We can tolerate the first two but the last leaves us shaking our heads.

We arrived at Chris' home a bit after noon and shoehorned Carpe into her side yard. Once situated we got leveled and even have 20 amp electric to keep our batteries charged. As we've stated innumerable times in the past and will state yet again; we're so fortunate to have such wonderful friends that welcome us and share their hospitality.

After lunch we picked up our mail at the Port Ludlow post office and then got the "cooks tour" of the local area thanks to Chris. This is a lovely part of the Olympic Peninsula and we can now understand the special attraction it has for Chris.

Tomorrow we'll drag the suitcases from storage and start packing for our two week cruise. Friday Chris will drive us to Bainbridge Island where we'll catch the ferry to Seattle and then taxi to the cruise port.

We're not sure if we'll update this while on the cruise or not. For sure we'll update it when we're once again on the road after the twenty-first. Till then, be well...

Cruise Report

Fri, 21 Sep: Boo Hoo, Sob, and Wailey Woe! Our cruise is over and we're back "on the hard" making our own bed, meals, and washing our own dishes. It was a wonderful two weeks and, as usual, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

We had a painless trip to the ship two weeks ago. Chris drove us to the ferry terminal on Bainbridge Island and we were in Seattle by 1030. We got a cab to Pier 91 and checked in. Bobbie and Lee arrived just before they opened the ship to boarding and the four of us boarded at the same time.

It was our first cruise aboard the ms Amsterdam, but she's laid out similarly to the Maasdam so we felt right at home. Bobbie & Lee sailed on her before so they were our tour guides.

Highlights of the cruise include:

  • Celebrating both Bobbie and Lee's birthdays
  • Visiting Seward Glacier (a first)
  • Visiting Anchorage and Sitka (both new ports for us)
  • A surprise visit to Glacier Bay
  • Doing very well at Trivia

    We did, however, miss two anticipated ports; Homer and Kodiak. A severe storm with winds up to 100mph in the Gulf of Alaska precluded stops at those two ports. Rather, we beat a hasty retreat ahead of the storm and were able to stop in Glacier Bay as one of the ships with a visit slot was port-bound. There is always a silver lining.

    We returned to Seattle on time and departed the ship about 0800. We rolled our own bags off and were through customs and in a cab in about 20 minutes. Back to the ferry terminal and aboard the 0950 ferry. Chris picked us up and we were unlocking Carpe's door around eleven. As always, it was good to be home and in our own bed.

    Sun, 23 Sep: Today Chris treated us to a trip to her private island. It is a fairly sizable island near the Hood Canal bridge that has been in her family for generations. We took her boat to the island and enjoyed wandering, exploring, and relaxing. Back in time for dinner at a local restaurant. Thanks Chris.

    We've posted many pix of our recent cruise on this destination. Please revisit the photos section for some cruise highlights.

    Trip Summary
    Miles this leg: 139.9
    Total miles since Casa Grande: 8,609.0

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