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Connie and Gertrude

Ardy, my cousin Frank and I

Ardy, Frank, Connie, Irene at Spaghetti Factory for Irene's 76 birthday

Coco, Frank's dog

Irene and Cyril

Friends Patti and Brent

Cyril having a relax

Connie at the RV show Abbotsford 2010

Peter at the RV show 2010

How is this for a mobile home?

Cousin Klaus and Monica

Cousin Tordis with her kids, Luca and Riel at Ikea

My mom's oldest sister, Annemarie and I

That limo is owned and driven by my cousin Roy

What a house - on the way from Abbotsford to Mission

Friends Bob and Marion

Brenda and Vinny dog

The Audi had a window view on the way home

At Brenda's Peter & Connie putting together exercise equipment

Hi Friends,

We have had quite an interesting week Sept 16 to 20th. Starting with a wonderful visit with Gertrude, an old friend of my Mom’s from Germany. Then another visit out to Abbotsford on Sept 17- we took my ex-mom-in-law to the Spaghetti Factory for her birthday. While in Abbotsford we met up with my cousin Frank and his wife Ardy. They live in northern BC and happened to be travelling through the area while we were there! It’s been over 20 years since we last saw each other and we enjoyed a short but great visit. Continuing on with our visits we met Patti and Brent for lunch – once again an old time friend – Patti and I met while in grade two and have stayed in touch ever since. A quick hop over the river to Mission to visit with son Jon and then we headed to Surrey to renew our passports – only to find a line up over two hours long – we decided we had enough time to wait till we got back to the island. On the weekend my mom’s oldest sister turned 75 and we stopped by to wish her well. Yes, a busy 5 days now it was time to stay put and relax a bit….maybe!

The next day started with washing the dog – it has been a long time since we gave a dog a bath. Cyril is very well behaved and loved having a bath – thank goodness for us! On Sept 22 Cyril had an epileptic seizure. Luckily Heidi had explained what will happen and what to do and we helped him through the experience. The poor guy had such sad looking eyes – begging us to tell him what was happening! We did our best to comfort him and help him stay as calm as possible.

During the three weeks I had plans to visit many people, and to catch up on a few projects that I wish to complete. One such project was to organize all the genealogical information. This I did complete – but sewing the curtains for the Westy – that did not get done! The time just flew by so quickly.

On the 23rd we headed back to Abbotsford to the RV show where we spent a whole day walking in and out of all types of trailers, motorhomes and shopping in the RV parts store. From RVs to Montana’s for dinner with another cousin, Klaus and Monica where we all ate way too much! Luckily we were able to arrange to get together at their home the next night for a wonderful Salmon meal. This is only the second time that I ate Salmon and actually enjoyed it! No visit to the mainland would be complete without at least one visit to Ikea. On the 25th we met cousin Tordes and her two children for lunch at Ikea and then a shopping spree – well Tordes went on the spree and we tagged along helping her spend her money! The only thing that would have been better would have been if we’d had more time to visit with Tordes. The 26th was spent driving from Langley to Mission to visit son Jon and then out to Delta for lunch with Bob and Marion. A great day spent visiting – well worth the long drives!

Sept 27th started with pouring rain and continued raining all day! This was the day we travelled from Langley to West Vancouver to visit with an old friend of Peter’s, Brenda. We had a lovely lunch of homemade stew and after lunch we helped Brenda put together a complicated exercise machine. After much laughter and lots of goofing around we did finally get it put together! Just before heading home to the island, we had one last visit with Alan a friend we met a few years ago at the campground in Campbell River. After leaving Campbell River he was staying in the lower mainland for a while and luckily we were able to meet up for lunch at the Olive Garden. A really nice place to eat and made even better because of the company of a very good friend! In the next month he will be on his way possibly south – happy and safe travels Alan and we look forward to seeing you again the next time you come back this way!

During the three weeks I continued my workouts at Curves. They hand out travel passes and I found the gym in Walnut Grove to work out my 3x a week. Between that and the 4 walks a day with Cyril coming up hill each time we came home - hopefully something positive will come of all this exercise!

Heidi and Paul arrived home to a very happy dog and a home that still looked like their own! They had a wonderful trip and the only unhappiness was on the last day….while at the Quebec airport they lost a backpack with their laptop and camera! All the photos from the trip – gone! Hopefully the pack will be found – we are keeping our fingers crossed that they will get a call with good news. They deserve it!

An early ferry from Tsawwassen to home, unpacking, laundry, and off to work the next day! We enjoyed ourselves but we are happy to be home again! Since I am finally getting this written a lot later than I planned I figured I would post it now and add photos later. As Peter has said I take way too many photos and now I need to take the time to go through and figure out which ones will be posted on the site… keep looking back to this date and you will see pictures – soon!

Till then, take care and hope you enjoyed your September! Peter & Connie

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