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Helen on the plane to Melbourne, texting her Mum!

Sydney suburbs from the air - how exciting!

Back in Melbourne baby!

Nice rainbow mate, bonza.

Does it look cold?? Because it is! A pathetic 11C in Melbourne!...

Helen 're-united' with her parents in Melbourne Airport!

Hi Guys!

Helen here!This whole weekend has been a bit of a big one! I didn't know what I was going to do the whole time. It was all a big surprise. It started on Saturday as a normal day. I knew Gareth had something planned, but I didn't know what. At about 3pm, after we had moved out of our flat, Gareth announced that we were catching a train. I didn't know where we were going or what was going on. Gareth tried to confuse me by pointing at random trains, then we just jumped on one that turned up on our platform. We were on the train for about 10 minutes, when after a few stops the train started coming into another station. Gareth suddenly said "This is our stop and we'll be on a jet plane in 2 hours!", marching off the train at Sydney's Domestic airport. At the airport, we checked in. Gareth asked the lady not to tell Helen where we were going and she went along with it, so I still had absolutely no idea where we were going!

We waited around the airport for an hour and the Gareth finally told me that we were going to Melbourne to see my parents! I was SOOO excited!! How cute is that!!?? He said the flight was leaving in 20 minutes and since my parents were in the same country he thought it would be great to get everyone together for my birthday! I knew that I would see mum and dad for the first time in over 6 months so I got very excited!

We jumped on the Quantas plane and headed down to Melbourne in about 1 hour 30 mins. When we landed Mum and Dad were there waiting and it was GREAT to see them!! I was a bit of a mess while we all caught up in the terminal! The first thing we also noticed was how c-c-c-cold it is in Melbourne! We were still in Sydney mode with our shorts and thongs (flip-flops!) on and it was only about 10C in Melbourne!

We then grabbed our bags and headed into town in a taxi!

That is when suprise no. 2 happened!

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