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Larry's new summer wardrobe and haircut

It's very short!

Sorry it's not very clear - no it's not snow - almond...

Drilling a new well at Lost Hills

Oil pumps to the left side of the coach

And to the right!

Miles of grapevines near Salinas

Artichoke capital of California - Castroville

Our first sighting of the big waves!


Pigeon Point Lighthouse

A field of broad beans beside the lookout





Washout near Pescadero

Devil's Slide Tunnels

The RV park is quite close to the edge



This bit appears ready to fall

The sites are very narrow

Bay Bridge

Probably our last In-N-Out for this trip.

Duck boats

Crocodile made out of sourdough at Boudin Bakery

Looking up Hyde Hill

Lombard Street, Coit Tower

Lombard Street


City Hall

Building under restoration - see the furniture sticking out of it?!

Paragliding right over the houses


Pacifica Pier

Looking north



AT&T Field - where the San Francisco Giants play

Street musician on the Embarcadero

Golden Gate

Freighter just came from under the Golden Gate


Battery Park

Cliff House

Sutro Baths built late 1800s. 7 pools - one fresh, 6 salt....

Ocean Beach from Cliff House

One of two windmills, across from Ocean Beach, that were used to...

Windy on the morning of our last day

We left Malibu and arrived in Bakersfield quite quickly. It's not very far. Our main purpose for coming here is the offer of a free pizza at Rusty's! We stayed at Bakersfield RV park this time. This is a very nice park that we had stayed at three years ago. When we checked in we were given a coupon for BOGO breakfast. It was excellent. We also had a local paper delivered free every morning. We ordered a five topping pizza for dinner and it was just as good as last time (probably better because it was free)!

We headed out Tuesday morning. We took CA46 from Hwy 99 to Hwy 1. Along the way we passed Lost Hills Oil Field. There were hundreds of oil pumps on each side of the road. It is the 18th largest field in the US but sixth in remaining reserves. Just past here we began to encounter bugs on the windshield. They seemed like small birds! What a mess. As we were approaching Hwy 1 the weather deteriorated. We passed Pigeon Point Lighthouse. While it is still an active Coast Guard navigational point, it also houses a hostel in the former lighthouse keepers' quarters. It was built in 1871 and is the tallest lighthouse on the West coast. Just past the lighthouse is Pescadero. The road was down to one lane while they fixed a recent washout. The road is very close to the edge in some places.

As we got closer to Pacifica, the road became more mountainous, narrower and winding. Kiewit (who built the Sea to Sky Highway in Vancouver) is building a two tunnel stretch of road right through the mountain. This is called Devil's Slide. They started building in 2005 and should finish fall 2011. Pretty amazing. It rained buckets along this stretch which was good as it got rid of the huge mess of bugs on the windshield.

We stayed at San Francisco RV Resort in Pacifica. The sites are very narrow and really just a parking lot with hookups! But it's all you really need when you consider the view. You can see in the photos how close the park is to the edge. We supposed it will eventually fall in! We stayed here three nights. Since we have been to San Francisco many times we tried to see things we hadn't seen before. We had our last lunch and bought t-shirts at In-N-Out. We will miss it! We bought a new wide angle lens and filter for the camera on the Embarcadero as well as some Crab Bisque and sour dough bread at Boudin. We also drove down the Crookedest Street (Lombard). One of the things we like to do sometimes is put the setting on the GPS to avoid freeways. She takes us on some interesting routes through and around towns and cities. We did this on the way back to the park.

We were unable to see the big full moon because it was all socked in with rain that night. When we left Sunday morning it was very windy and pouring rain.

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