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Dinner out at a Schezuen evening

Dad sat upon his throne awaiting service!

A jolly nice evening

Finished at The Sheraton for jazz...they even sang us a song or...

Girls night out at The Mambo Show

Very attractive looking ladies...

...who are infact...



...most of their bits have been 'removed'...

We think these guys were 'plants'...confused yet?!

Great sets and costume

Some of them were beautiful

A number of them wandered into the crowd to rub their...urm...

...'add-ons' into the faces of unsuspecting tourists in the front row!

Most of our time in Bangkok was spent rushing around to organise our wedding. To give you some idea of the red tape nightmare, here's our process:

1) Go to the British Embassy to get something stamped;

2) Go to a translater to write it out for us in Thai and then they take it to some other office to get signed or something;

3) Back to translater to pick up that next bit of paper;

4) Then to the District Office in Ban Rak to complete legal process in Thailand and that was the day we were legally married - 17th July 06 - (very nice people, great fun and were genuinely happy for us. Took lots of photos of us and there were plenty of giggles! Oh and apparently Ban Rak mean Land of Love, or so the Registrar happily told us!);

5) Then back to the translater for a copy in English;

6) Then back to the British Embassy to pay a fortune for another stamp which we think made us legal in Britain but can't be completely sure!!

Now, I think I have gotten the process a little confused but that would be because...I am a little confused! All I know is that we ran back and forth across steaming BK several times and spent lots of money in the Embassy but not alot in the District office where actually they treated us like royalty...unlike our good ole British Embassy. What a miserable place that was!!

Anyhoo, we then had a few days to get our clothing sorted and of course, fit in a few fabulous nights out with Daddy-o to various restaurants and have a song dedicated to us at the Jazz Club by Elder Young (I may have his name wrong) at the Sheraton! Are we swish or what?!!

I finally found a dress - difficult time for me as I don't do dresses so was panicking somewhat. We also got our own CD/music put together for the day and a rough outline of what we wanted to say during the ceremony. It was all coming together!

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