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Arriving at the port in Olympia...

Plenty of boats to see...

This cute little harbor seal seems to be watching me!

Nice totem pole and wooden carved statues too along the landing...

Small tower for a better view...

Loading lumber on the Aster K....

We can see the Capitol Building from here...

Time for lunch!

These guys are pretty cool!

Light crowd today, good food!

I liked the coasters :)

On to the market...

I'd like to taste each & every one of them!

Now those are some BIG cabbage heads!

Today's post covers a day spent in Olympia. I'm running several days behind but hopefully I'll catch up soon.

On Tuesday we toured the State Capitol building and afterward went down to the port for lunch and a walk at Percival Landing. We had lunch at the Oyster House. Larry ordered the fried oysters and I chose clam chowder and halibut tacos. Delicious. I've never been a big fan of clam chowder but it really is quite tasty when made with fresh ingredients. The weather was terrific all day and we thoroughly enjoyed the day.

After leaving the port area we stopped at Trader Joe's for a couple of items and then made a quick stop at a fresh produce market. We bought some awesome O'Henry's peaches!!! They are sooooo sweet & juicy, it just runs down your chin with each & every bite. Oh my, I'm in heaven, lol....And I gotta tell you, they had the biggest cabbage heads I've ever seen in my life! Took a pic with Larry's hand for a size comparison. Wow, you could make Cole slaw for 50 with just one head!

I'll share pics of the capital building in my next post, I need to resize & organize them first...Hopefully tomorrow evening :)

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