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A Christmas Story House

Shayna “re-creating” the tongue on the pole incident

Shayna’s 40th bday dinner

Presley actually STAYED on the couch with me!

A new discovery...Marotta’s Pizza

The Phoenix coffee shop for mommy (saw it on Facebook!)

The Thirsty Dog...couldn’t resist

Limitations. Sometimes a desired activity has to be postponed or delayed due to limitations, doubts...or fears.

On our journey toward the East Coast, we stopped in Cleveland for a week to spend time with big sis. Over 30 years ago, Ang and I took our first trip with younger (yes, much younger) sis Shayna. We went to DisneyWorld. Shayna was 8 or 9 at the time and all she wanted to do was swim in the hotel pool. Seriously. Rides at DisneyWorld? Nope. The princess breakfast? Nope. Epcot Center? Nope. Swimming at the hotel pool. A desire to please a child. Limitations.

This year, Shayna turned 40. We decided to fly her to Cleveland to spend some time as the pups and I made a stop on our journey. Prior to her flight, Shayna had a procedure on her leg that made it quite sore and difficult to walk. As we discussed what we wanted to do while in Cleveland, the limitations became obvious. Little walking for Shayna. No hiking or long walks for the pups due to Ossy’s hip condition. And, limited time away from the dogs due to my fear (self imposed, I know) of leaving them alone too long in Ang’s condo.

A ferry ride over to Put-in-Bay, Ohio? Nix as it would be an all day affair. A train ride through Cuyahoga Valley National Park? Nix nix. A stroll through downtown Cleveland? Nope. Too much walking. Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame? Nah...Shayna only listens to country.

What shall we do? Similar to swimming in the hotel pool at DisneyWorld, we spent an entire day looking for a Baker Mayfield jersey. I kid you not! We are in Cleveland after all...

So, no, the trip to Cleveland wasn’t full of “write about” activities. Instead, the time in Cleveland was spent getting Gypsy’s boo boo repaired, seeing a doc in the box about the tic bite that wouldn’t heal, and spending quality time with sis’ Angie and Shayna.

A week of spent binge watching Season 2 of Ozark ( very good!); morning visits with Tony (resident bench warmer) during our daily walks; a visit to The Christmas Story house; some excellent meals (salmon, quinoa bowl, and pizza); and the purchase of the elusive Baker Mayfield t-shirt (made to look like a jersey).

In other words, it was a relaxing, enjoyable time of rest and connecting. I left Cleveland on the way to Maine with a peaceful, easy feeling...

...sometimes you have to forego an activity or sight due to limitations, but as I clearly remember swimming in the hotel pool, I will remember this visit just as well.

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