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Carpes at Kranberry's Restaurant
They allow RV & truck parking. We'll eat there...

How many of you know what this structure is?

We crossed the Continental Divide on I 10

Kranberry's Restaurant makes us feel welcome

Thu, 15 Oct: A good road day...

After two very restful nites at the Monticello RV Park in Elephant Butte it is time to move on. We weren't in any particular rush so we took things as they came and rolled wheels at 0911. Bob retraced our route over a half mile of gravel road and then another five miles of a twisty, hilly, and narrow paved road to the Interstate.

Then south on I 25 some forty miles to Hatch, where we picked up New Mexico 26 direct to Deming. This nice two lane road cuts the corner and saves about forty miles over continuing south on I 25 and then west on I 10. The only rub was getting stuck behind an erratic RV driver who not only wandered all over the road but couldn't maintain a consistent rate of travel. We followed him/her for more than twenty miles, never finding a spot to pass with comfort.

At Deming we got on I 10 and took it west to our current overnite stop, Lordsburg NM. We are boondocking in the parking lot of Kranberry's Restaurant, a local eatery that welcomes overnite RV and truck parking. As a thank you we'll be dining there for dinner.

Tomorrow's weather is forecast to deteriorate with high winds and storms. We have 111 miles to go before arriving at the Escapees Benson Cooperative. We'll try to get an early start and, hopefully, be settled in before the worst of the weather.

Today's drive was an easy 161 miles with a fuel economy of 8.1 mpg.

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