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PortoNovo from above!

A little Cozze anyone.....mussels!

PortoNovo beach! (from below!)

The ole self pic...this time with Laura!!!

Little church in Monte Conero

Espresso in Sirolo!

Preparing lunch!

Table set and Giacomo home from work! Typical pranza..lunch!

Italian washing machine....ummm looks more like a robot!

There is a story behind this corner! Look carefully for a resemblance!


" Patricia!!"

1st Primi!!

2nd Primi!!


"Siamo pieni"....we are full!!!!

Salute!!! Wine has no boundaries in Italy!

Typical Thursday night outing!

I awoke to breakfast down in the 2nd cucina used for familia and amicos ( friends:)......( not after I weighed for the first time in months......50kg when I started this adventuro..... This morning 56.2.......I said " BASTA.....ENOUGH!" Cafe, yogurt, fruta, and cereal!!! Decent start for the day......Laura and I decide that she will tour me around the area, then prepare lunch for Giacomo around 1pm. Mission accomplished...,. We went to Sirola, Numana, Portonovo, Monte Conero, and a few panoramic stops! We walked on the beach, toured thru towns and had an espresso in Sirolo! Lovely area.....and my Italian is getting pretty darn good by this time, as is Laura's English! We arrived home and prepared spaghetti carbonero, insalata, speck, cheese, cheese pizza and vino. Holy heck, after trying on my shorts this morning and barely getting them on, it did not stop me from indulging in the tipico Italian pranza! (lunch).......we all have espresso with Mistro.....and I am just plain disgusted with myself :):):)!!!! Right! Laura and I decide to camminare...walk, for a few kilometers, jeez, this eating now has got to stop....little did I know that I have only just begun..., with this family....Calderoni, that is!!!! We get home after our walk and relax a bit before our 8pm outing with the whole family at a very tipico restaurant-Altrove Osteria! Laura and Giacomo, daughters Katia, Christiana, and Angela- kids- Diego, Daniello, Caterina, Margherita, Leonardo, Rebecca-husbands, and/or companions of Luciano and Paolo! Table of 14!!!! It was a a true Italian family fest- food galore in "layers"...3 antipastis, primi- 2 different pastas, secondo- 3 different carnes (meat restaurant, and I was not holding back!) dessert- Tiramasu, chocolate mousse and yogurt with fruit ( who ordered this, I have no clue!)....espresso and vino! Another bloated evening....feeling better than ever! The evening was a total joy...getting to know my cousins .....Leonardo and Diego are very impressed with me...raising their coca cola...."TO PATRICIA.....SALUTE!!!"..... It was beautiful! This family's picture should be in the dictionary under "family!"....:).....we get home, I think I felt I a bit emotional......

stuffed and speaking Italian, I bid my infamous......buona notte!!!!!

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