We left at 8AM for a very scenic beach walk. We began at Ona Beach State Park and walked through coastal pines and shrubs to the flatland area beach. It was a scenic vista with miles of sand punctuated with a myriad of lava outcroppings of all shapes and sizes. One could envision many possible forms from benches,to fish, to seal shapes, to toadstool shapes,etc. It was like a giant Rohrschach test-what do you see? The beach is lined by steep and sheer sandstone cliffs. Atop the cliffs are dense foliage and firs followed by areas of home development with impressive ocean views. We immediately spotted a bald eagle high in a snag (a dead tree). He studied us carefully before flying off. The misty ocean air created a beach fog. The wind was amazingly calm and it was almost warm out at about 56 degrees. The wild Pacific pounded away at the rocks and shore creating firework like sprays of surf. There were numerous tidal pools where miniature aquariums displayed many ocean creatures-sea anemones,starfish of many colors,crabs,small fish,mussels,and sea cucumbers. It was fascinating to study the interplay of these miniature seas. We took many pictures and scouted for shells and stones.I received a camera tutorial after Bill examined a photo I had just taken that cut off the tops of rocks. The tide was out and made our walk broad and fascinating. We could reach the base of most of the rocks covered by water during high tide. We walked a total of 4.6 miles and had a wonderful time. It will be our last beach experience as we now will turn inward to the mountains. It was bittersweet to leave the Pacific behind. We had lunch at Local Ocean in Newport-our favorite restaurant. I had white wild pacific salmon which was so mild and unusual-what a taste treat. It was served on a poblano pepper and grilled veggies. Barb and Bill had Tuna Mignon-albacore tuna steaks wrapped in bacon. Bill and Barb also had roasted garlic Dungeness crab bisque. Nancy had salad Nicoise. Needless to say we were well rewarded.

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