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Skydiver coming in for a landing at Eloy Airport

Another smooth landing

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Skydiving experience in a wind tunnel

Last time we were here we enjoyed going to the Eloy Airport and watching the skydivers, so with nothing else to do on a sunny day (while Mike & Connie were golfing), we headed off to Eloy.

It didn't seem to be as busy as the time we were here before, but it was still exciting watching them floating down and landing. There were a bunch of tandem jumps and we could hear the person getting the ride squealing with glee (or fear?) as they landed.

Then we walked over to the building with the wind tunnel "sky diving" experience. It was being rented by a group (or family) but we could still watch them. The instructors were taking one person (and there were many small children) at a time and working with them. They looked scared while "flying" but had the biggest grins when they exited. It was a nice day's entertainment.

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