Larry & Cheryl's 2009 Travels travel blog

Lovely trip through the Cascades

We're back in the snow again

Waterfalls all along the highway from the rains

Pretty - white snow on the lava fields

Very low and dense cloud cover

Downtown Bellevue, WA

Rain does make everything nice and green, especially for the cows

Rain, rain

Go away

Let us travel

On a sunny day

The cascades were pretty with the waterfalls and white snow on the lava fields, but it sure made for messy traveling. Then we turned off of Highway 90 onto Interstate 405 that skirts Seattle and headed towards Bellevue. It reminded me of our very own Interstate 5 and 405 in Orange County – lots of traffic in midday. But the good part of all the rain, it sure makes everything green. They do claim to be the “Ever-Green” state.

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