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Birthplace of BC Gallery

Fort Langley Community Hall

Historic Site: CN Station

Another view of Fort Langley Community Hall

View down the road in the heart of Fort Langley

Hi Friends,

Today we hunted for gift shops looking for a specific clock, which we did not find. But, what we did end up in historic Fort Langley. Not the actual fort but the village.

The following is some interesting facts that I forgot about my home BC:

This quaint village is the location where the Hudson's Bay Company established a trading post with the West Coast First Nations about 150 years ago. The enterprise grew, evolved, and influenced history, leading to the creation of the colony of British Columbia. Furs were shipped to Europe via Cape Horn, produce was traded to the Russians in Alaska, local cranberries found their way to California, and Fraser River salmon was enjoyed as far away as Hawaii! In 1858, rumours of gold on the Fraser River caused a massive influx of Americans to the area. Fearing annexation by the United States, British Columbia was proclaimed a Crown Colony on this site by James Douglas on November 19, 1858.

We walked through the village peeking into the art gallery, gift shops and ending up at the CN Station c. 1915! Another facinating building was the Community Hall. The Fort Langley Community Improvement Society was established by the Women's Institute in 1924 in order to build the Community Hall. The building was built and continues to be owned and maintained by society members. The maple trees on each side of the lawn were planted by society members. The men planted the trees on the north and women the trees on the south! In 1979 the hall was designated as a Municipal Heritage Site and continues to be a social center for the community. The building’s architect was Archibald Campbell Hope brother of Fort Langley entrepreneur Charles Hope.

We walked and learned a bit about BC’s history, specifically Fort Langley. Information we probably learned many years ago in school and, as most children, promptly forgot! It was a nice sunny day and we enjoyed our little trip down history lane in Fort Langley.

Hope you enjoyed the history lesson as well. Until next time, Peter & Connie

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