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Beach volleyball near Del Mar

There's that snow on the mountains around Hemet! This from near Torrey...

Coast Highway

New home under construction

Del Mar horse track

Nice hedge

On the walk to the beach from the RV park - mural...

California ground squirrel

Creek beside the campground

Bird of Paradise

The sites are narrow but soooo clean.

Oceanside's Harbour

Windsurfer at Dana Point


Jet skier

Helicopter at Camp Pendleton - a marine training facility


War ship

Just watching!

Marines on exercise


Oceanside's Pier

Hot tub at the RV park!


Little garden oasis between the end of the pool and the laundry



At the firepit


One of our jars of East Coast lobster - thanks Pooch!!

Maureen went for a long walk all the way to the pier....


Beach cat


Surfer dude


Actually they are dolphins.

He hopes!!

Long legged curlew

Ice plant


Pier - Maureen walked all the way...and back.

A bejewelled car

Part of the walkway and a one-way road.

Mission San Luis Rey

Original baptistry in the church

Madonna chapel

Main altar

St. Francis


This tower was once used as a lighthouse - they used candles.

Sacred Garden - there are still 10 Franciscan monks living here at...


St. Francis



Silver Bismark Palm

Statue and pond

Bell tower

The lighthouse tower from the outside

The pool at night

Oil platforms off Huntington Beach

The planes from LAX go right over the road

Wind and water erosion at Santa Monica

The traffic was stopped so we were able to see this man...

This apartment appeared to be hanging off the cliff

More erosion

Giant new retaining wall

Looking up from our campsite


Bank of fog that rolled in after we arrived.

View from our little patio at the back of our site

Corral Canyon - up behind the park


Houses are built anywhere here

Here's a cool one!

Venice Beach

Lots of T-shirt and sunglass shops

Skateboard park



To the right is a shopping cart filled with a guy's worldly...

He's walking playing an electric guitar.

A beautiful old house perched above the highway

Malibu Beach

Little lost bird at the grocery store

This is someone's yard on top of the roof! Grass and all.

Seadoo heading out to rescue a wind surfer


Our little patio


There were many beautiful flowers throughout the RV park

California Fuschia - attracts lots of hummingbirds

Prickly pear




Funny flower stalk

Stattice-like flower

Salamander "Sally"

Cactus ready to bloom


Port Huenema near Oxnard - canals behind the houses - they each...

Dunes on the beach

Yogi with his hand in the pic-a-nic basket

Clean up of an oil spill

Channel Five was there!


Close to the edge


Islands can be seen on a clear day - Catalina and Santa...

Budweiser truck turning around in the campground.


Tram at Warner Bros

Bugs Bunny statue

Another famous landmark

Fake building front - was also used as the inside of a...


Depending on the era of the movie or show, air conditioners and...

Storefront for current show Harry's Law

Inside - from the ceiling can be hung lights, mikes, air conditioning

All the sets are made with wood and fibreglass

New York street used in Spiderman and others

Subway to nowhere!

EL train to nowhere!

Dressing a scene

This street was used in Dukes of Hazzard and the Gilmore Girls

This building is now offices but was used as the hospital in...

Also used as offices but can be used as a street scene

Filled with water to make a lake

Wave maker

The only rainforest in LA

One of many studio buildings

Where the sets are made


It even has it's own gas station

Mystery Machine - from the Scooby Doo Movie

Car used in Chuck

Last of 37 General Lees from Dukes of Hazzard

Used in the Yogi Bear Movie

Tumbler vehicle used in Batman Dark Knight

Odds and ends make a vehicle

Get Smart car

Original Friends set

More of the Friends set - at Central Perk

Another Chuck vehicle

Ellen deGeneres


Painted speed bumps - they looked very realistic

Bar along Sunset Blvd

The beach to the north of the RV park

Tsunami watch

Tsunami watch

Easter bunny


The waves were a little bigger than usual and the water level...

We arrived in Oceanside CA on February 27 just before check-in time. It did not take very long to drive from Hemet, about an hour! Our site at the Paradise RV Resort was right across from the office, pool and hot tub, which was very convenient. It is by far the cleanest park we've ever been in. The staff is always raking and cleaning the RV sites. Two guys own it and their sons run it. The staff are all very young and friendly. In the office area they have a TV with leather chairs, pool table and shuffleboard table, very nice. At the back of the park is a gate you walk through, then down a path through a bit of a park, across the road and then on to the beach. Maureen went for some good walks while she was here and Larry rode his bike around the park and up and down the street while there. It was so nice to see the ocean again. The one problem with our site is that we were quite close to the road - lots and lots of motorcycles up and down the road all the time. Of course if you were at the other end of the park - commuter trains many times a day.

We easily found all the grocery stores we wanted as well as Costco, just up the road. We took one day and drove up as far as Huntington Beach to see where our next campsite might be. Unfortunately we either wouldn't fit in the numerous State Parks or they didn't seem worth the $60 per night charge. The maximum RV size is 34' to 36' and we are currently 40' but soon to be 43' with our new coach. To stay at a California State Park dry camping is $27, water and electricty was $50. Not only is RV Camping in California expensive but Diesel fuel averaged around $4.35 a gallon and Gas was around $4.15 a gallon.

We were quite close to Camp Pendleton, the major West Coast Marine Corps station. It is a prime amphibious training base. There were lots of helicopters above and many tents and men on manoeuvers.

On another day we drove to Mission San Luis Rey, about 5 miles away. It was very interesting. It is the largest of the California missions and was built in 1798. It is still home to ten Franciscan monks. It raises money through the gift shop, donations and offering retreats. We toured the old church, a museum and the cemetary. It is situated on 56 acres of land. It was sunny outside and Larry had his sunglasses on when he entered the church. When he walked into the church he heard this voice say welcome. Larry said he looked straight ahead, then left, then right, then down and saw nothing. He thought there was some sort of laser beam that he had walked through that started a welcome conversation. After removing his sunglasses and getting his eyes accustomed to the light he looked right and there was a guy sitting there. He scared the hell out of Larry.

Oceanside was great because it was the first time in months that we were able to bring out the BBQ and actually eat outside.

We left Oceanside on the 6th and headed for Malibu Beach RV Park. Even though it was only about 120 miles it took almost four hours, with traffic lights and delays. It was a beautiful drive up Pacific Coast Highway 1. Of course there is no where to stop so we pulled over at Huntington in some street parking spaces to make a hasty lunch.

Our site in Malibu is narrow as well - prime real estate - and dirt but oh well! what a view. The first afternoon we watched the fog roll in and sun peek out every so often. We had a cute little patio out the back that we could fit two chairs on. The second day we drove up the road at the back of the park - through Corral Canyon. We followed it as far as it went then had to come back down the same way. Quite steep and winding but they'll build houses anywhere! They're very careful about fires and fire department helicopters are flying over all the time. We then drove back down the Pacific Coast Highway as far as Venice Beach. It was too cold for muscles and bikinis but there were certainly some strange people to watch. It seems there are a lot of people out of work! We had lunch at an old 50's diner (actually open since 1984). Then we made our way back up to our RV.

A couple of days later we decided to go to Warner Bros. Studios for a tour. It was a 2 1/2 hour tour on a tram and walking. It was great! We've come to the conclusion that we watch too much television! Warner Bros. makes a lot of movies and TV shows. A lot of the sets in the backlot are made of fibreglass and/or plastic so they can be changed at will. A lot of the movies are done minimally outside and the rest done in one of the studios. Warner Bros Studios covers 52 acres. We saw most of the backlot and were taken inside (no cameras allowed) to the Big Bang Theory set. We were told that the show How I Met Your Mother is the only sitcom that does not use a live audience. Amber was our guide and did a very good job. This is also where Two And A Half Men was produced.

Friday we were on Tsunami watch. Our thoughts were with those in Japan while we awaited a bigger than usual wave. We sat in our chairs overlooking the ocean at 8:30am as they said there should be wave action between 8am and 10am but nothing materialized.

Saturday we picked up a tenderloin filet roast from Ralph's (they were on sale). The best roast we ever tasted! We BBQd it and had roast potatoes and Yorkshires as well. Good job Larry!

Sunday we headed to Bakersfield.

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