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The Heaven King of Feng Du's Ghost City

Jack and Helen on the cable car

....where's the snow and which way to the runs?....

Errol and Kaye on the cable car

Entrance to the Home Town of the Ghost of Feng Du

The "Naihe" or "Nothing to be Done" Bridge

....eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen....

The Hall of Sunlight

Nick in front of the Naihe Bridge

Chinese Lanterns and Roof Tops

The Hell King Temple

"The Hell King"

Barb and "Longevity" or "Long Life"

Mother of Mercy Buddha

....the new city of Feng Du....

Nick and "The Ghost of the Sea"

"Naughty Ghost"

"Music Ghost"

"Soul Ghost"

"Night Ghost"

The Wu Yun Tower

....approaching the final test...., two, three....

Temple of the Heavenly King

Flowers outside the Temple of the Heavenly King

View of the countryside from the area of the Temple of the...

....anyone want to climb some more stairs?....

....heading back to the boat....

Views along the Yangtze River (1)

Views along the Yangtze River (2)

Statue of General Ganning

Blue Dragon Waterfalls (1)

Pathway and Dam across Dragon River

Entrance to pathway around the Blue Dragon Waterfall

Barb and Nick and the Blue Dragon Waterfalls

Blue Dragon Waterfalls from inside Qinlong Cave

Blue Dragon Waterfalls (2)

Behind the Blue Dragon Waterfalls

Qinlong Cave opposite the Blue Dragon Waterfalls

Blue Dragon Waterfalls (3)

We arrived at Feng Du early in the morning and Errol and Kaye, Jack and Helen, Eilish, Barb and I and our guide Tracy left the boat to explore the Ghost City. The temple was located on the top of Mt. Mingshan and we rode a cable car which was like being on a ski scooped you up from behind at the bottom and you jumped off when you reached the top. Upon our arrival at the temple entrance Tracy explained the proper procedure for crossing the "Naihe" or "Nothing to be Done" Bridge into the area of the temple. Women had to cross the bridge starting with their right foot and men had to cross the bridge starting with their left foot and you had to step off the bridge on the other side with the last step off being an odd numbered step. We passed by the Hell King Temple and a Chinese symbol for "Longevity" or "Long Life". The Ghost City exemplified the pathway to heaven or to hell and visitors had to choose their path carefully doing things in a certain manner to ensure their transfiguration and passage into heaven. There were numerous temples here including "The Mother of Mercy Buddha" which is one of very few feminine Buddhas in the world. While there, a "cute little monk" as Barb called him, flirted with her, asking her where she was from and after she answered him, he said "How beautiful are you!"..... Barb thanked him in Chinese.... "Sesheh". We then walked thru an area which exhibited images of various ghosts.....Ghost of the Sea, Naughty Ghost, Music Ghost.....16 in total, which then lead to the Temple of the Heavenly King where one final test was required to be individual had to balance themselves on one foot (right foot for women and left foot for men) standing on a stone for a count of three while looking at the entrance sign to the Temple. After our visit to the Ghost City we returned to the boat to continue our voyage downstream to the city of Wuling where a group of us including Eilish, Paula, Stewart, Errol and Kaye, Jamie and Kirsten and Barb and I and our guide Tracy disembarked at 3:30 p.m. along with a number of Chinese tourists to take a bus ride to Asia's widest waterfall. As we drove away, the boat moved out of port to pick us up at another village a little further downstream. Enroute, our bus was quickly passed by a second bus carrying others from our boat and as we wound our way through the countryside and villages on our way to the waterfall, our driver tried in vain to save face and pass the other bus again. In one spot as we crawled up the narrow mountain road (around a curve no less) our driver saw his chance and went to pass the other bus....we all were a little concerned about this tactic and hoped that there wasn't any one coming from the other direction. As we continued around the curve side by side with the other bus, a third bus coming down the mountain road appeared out of nowhere and we all held our breath (the white tourists at least held their breath, the Chinese were probably used to this sort of thing) wondering what was going to happen next......our driver moved to the right slightly causing the driver of the bus next to us to have to move over closer to the edge of the cliffside and in an instant all three buses were side by side......two going uphill and one going was a little nerve-wracking and thankfully nothing happened. After we reached our destination we talked to our guide Tracy asking her to speak with the driver and let him know in no uncertain terms that we did not appreciate him playing chicken with our lives. We also spoke with our tour leader upon our return to the boat so that she could advise Intrepid Tours and have them reconsider the local bus companies that they use for this part of the tour. We made our way to the Blue Dragon Waterfall past a statute of a famous Chinese soldier, General Ganning and the Qinlong Cave and were actually able to walk behind the falls themselves from one side of the river to the other. We returned to the bus and reluctantly got on board for the return journey further downstream to the city of Wanshou....fortunately it was uneventful and we all returned to the boat safe and sound. After we got back on board, the boat headed toward Yunyang, where the Chinese tourists disembarked for a visit to the Zhangfei Temple before we continued on downstream overnight......

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