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Sod roof

Daily stats

Elf's cabins


We are on the move this morning! Heading towards Tok. We quickly came to the town of North Pole. Karen was looking for the visitors center and we found it.

The daily stats are interesting, look at the the sunrise and sunset times. It is interesting in itself as a log cabin with a sod roof. The lady there said this is what they live in at the North Pole. Karen got the info she needed and we were off in search of Santa's house. We found it but it would have been easier if they had a few signs around town.

We made a loop around the elf's cabins first.

By the time we got to Santa's house there was quite a crowd. I guess everyone wanted to see Santa as bad as Karen did. Karen put a pork roast in the crock pot this morning and she is cooking it as we are driving down the road. The aroma is pure torture, can't wait for supper time.

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