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With this lifestyle, sometimes days go by when the only people we talk to are each other. That doesn't really bother us, although after over 45 years of marriage, there are few things that we can discuss that are a surprise. Because we read about different topics, sharing what we have learned can be the only new bits of information we can talk about. This make us really appreciate the times when we meet friends, old and new and can have far ranging discussions about things we don't already know.

Yesterday we visited with friends from home who knew us before we all had gray hair and wrinkles. Actually, I can no longer call them friends from home since they have cut their Illinois roots and moved here to Tucson. Although we like where we live, thinking about staying there in the winter when we are too old to gallivant around the country is not appealing. We have never moved from one state to another and were very interested in the relocation experiences of our friends. They have found a spectacular new home here and have some family in the area, so there are many reasons why this was clearly a great choice for them. Because they also love to travel and took students overseas with us a few times, we also had travel adventures to discuss. They seemed to appreciate having some liberal Democrats to talk to about politics. In this state as well as all the others with warm winters, you are better off assuming that the people you meet are conservative Republicans and political topics should be avoided altogether. It was a great evening and we look forward to them coming here to Catalina State Park for a hike, a campfire, and more good discussion.

This evening we had dinner with a young couple who listens to our RV Navigator podcast and has been full timing since 2007. He is able to earn a great salary on the road as a techie and proudly showed us his new Tesla which he pulls in a trailer behind his motor home. I have no real understanding about many of the things he talked about including a special telescope he has to take photographs of the sun, but it was good for Ken to talk with someone who is techier than he is. We very much appreciated that they drove ninety miles round trip to Tucson to see us (and do some other fun things.)

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