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Carpe at the Monticello RV Park

Driving I 25 in south centrail New Mexico

Two lane road to Monticello

Hatch (NM) is kitsch on steroids

More kitsch

In Hatch even Uncle Sam is a "Chili Head"

They're not lying

En route to Hatch we passed Truth or Circumstances (NM)

Arrey Café burrito
Located in Arrey (pop 632) NM this local eatery was...

Along I 25

Welcome to Monticello RV Park

The RV park is located on an aptly named dirt road

Tue, 13 Oct: Another easy day...

Today was a short day. After a very quiet nite in Belen we went thru our checklists and got the car connected. Sandi pulled out of our site at 0920 and drove the short distance to I 25. The ongoing construction did not include closing the on ramp so we didn't have to detour thru town again. Yipee for small favors.

I 25 was a beautiful and smooth road for about half the distance. As we progressed farther south the road surface became rougher but was still far better than many roads we've travelled. As Sandi drove Bob partook in a conference call with an American Philatelic Society (APS) committee on which he sits. That took almost an hour until he lost a cellular signal and dropped the call. Just as well as we were approaching our exit.

We left the interstate at the Monticello exit and headed east on a paved two lane road. The road was not heavily travelled as evidenced by the vegetation encroaching on the roadway. Despite it being narrow with some sharp turns and steep hills, it was just fine for Carpe and six miles later we pulled into the Monticello RV Park. This is a Passport America 50% off park and we "bought" a pull thru full hookup 30 amp site for $12.50/nite + tax.

We're planning to remain here two days. Our goal is to take the car for a day trip to Hatch (chili capital of the world) and Truth and Circumstances (who remembers that radio show?). We've already received some referrals for good New Mexican food so we're salivating at that prospect.

Today's drive was 108 miles on mostly Interstate 25 with a trip fuel economy of 8⅞ mpg.

Wed, 14 Oct: We play tourist...

A conundrum... When we're parked we long for being on the road. When on the road we look forward to not having to get ready to drive. As full-timers we get to do both, pretty much when we want to.

This morning was one of those "delicious" lazy mornings. We didn't get up till after eight, enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, and eventually got ready to do some sightseeing. We're located near Elephant Butte New Mexico, which is a dozen miles north of Truth or Consequences.

For years we've wanted to visit Hatch NM, the "Chili Capital of the World". The farm land surrounding this small (pop 1,597) town grows chilis and the town is justly proud of its heritage and the Hatch Chili. The Hatch Chili Festival, held in early September, celebrates the harvest and hosts visitors from around the country.

We learned something else about Hatch, it isn't ashamed of being a cliché. It celebrates its kitsch. To say the town is garish is not an overstatement. But it is all in good fun and a visitor will not forget their visit. We took many pix, which we've uploaded to this post.

After our visit, and purchase of six pounds of chilis, we headed north on I 25 back toward our coach. But first, a detour for lunch at the Arrey Café in the small town (pop 232) of Arrey. Our campground hosts highly recommended we visit and we are glad we took that advice. An unassuming place, yet the food was outstanding.

Then back home to enjoy some AC (it is in the nineties outside). We leave tomorrow and will continue south and southwest to Interstate 10 and then west toward Benson. We'll most probably stop enroute and arrive in Benson Friday. We'll spend the weekend there visiting with good friends Ben & Bonnie Ackerman.

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