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Full Moon over Homer

Large, old Christmas Anemone

Interesting fish in the tidepools

Date: July 23, 2013

Tonight’s Location: Homer, AK

Weather: sunny am; cloudy pm

Temperature: start 57º

High 71º

Wildlife count: Christmas & Burrowing Anemones, Sea Stars, Lined and Mossy Chitons, Giant Pacific Octopus

Year List: 260

Birds: Magpies, Bald Eagles

Last night, we had attempted to drive to some lookouts to view the moonrise. However, it wasn’t until after 11, when we awoke during the night, that we finally saw the moon over Kachemak Bay. It was lovely – just very late. I think that the chart I used was showing Homer, but using Central Daylight Time.

We awoke early and had 4 loads of laundry working by 7 am. While the machines worked for us, we had breakfast and started to clean the camper. By 9, the laundry was complete and we walked down to the beach to help Ithaca with the morning Tidepool Walk. We saw lots of critters including the octopus that we had seen last low tide with a golf ball on June 23rd.

When we got back, it was great to just sit in the sunshine and read. I have finally found a copy of Rachel Carson’s, Silent Spring, the book that launched the environmental movement. It was written in 1962, a true classic, and I can’t believe I haven’t read it in the past.

We treated ourselves to McDonalds for lunch, which we enjoyed at Mariner’s Beach, followed by shopping for groceries. Tuesdays are ‘senior day’ at Safeway, and we get 10% off, saving us over $7 today. 

When we got home, I ironed all of our uniforms and we finished cleaning the house. Whew – what a day off!!! Dinner was light chicken/veggie/pasta/alfredo with a great salad and Asiago bread. We are also enjoying Bing cherries. Our entertainment for the day was the ‘rodeo,’ the parking of an entire caravan of rv’s, who appear to be real neophytes at the sport. The park is FULL, with 2 caravans in for a few days. A ride out to the spit was a perfect end to a great day off, to get away from the crowd.

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