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The St. Croix Casino in Danbury, Wisconsin

The Grand Casino RV Park is on the "Good Sam" Top 100...

Our neighbor was out washing the bugs off his windshield.

Several dozen rental chalets are right next to the RV park.

Good water pressure means great showers!

Half-way home, I dropped Hazel and the car off, so she could...

With predicted temperatures of 90° at home in Princeton, Hazel and I decided it was time to head North to the casino RV parks, where swimming pools, shade trees, and a better 30 amp electrical connection to run our air conditioner existed. My plug-in at home isn't what it should be, with a "low house power" situation, and when it gets really hot, I'm constantly tripping the circuit breaker on the motorhome's 20 year old air conditioner. A new one is on my bucket list.

So, on Tuesday afternoon, we hooked up the Chevy Tracker to the back and headed out. Temperatures were in the high 80's, and as we headed up some of the hills on the route, I watched my engine temperature gauge move to the right of the normal 210° center position, edging up near the red zone, and then it would drop down as I headed down the other side.

A beautiful drive, and in an hour we were passing Hinckley, Minnesota, heading East to Danbury, Wisconsin, another 30 miles. The two-lane highway had a seam about every 30 feet, and with the weight of the motorhome, we could feel every one of them. As we crossed the State line, the road suddenly got better, no more jarring seams, and in a few minutes, we pulled into the RV park by the river.

Hazel and I headed over to the casino, a couple of blocks away, and had the $10 buffet. This operation is much smaller than others, but it is a new building, neat and clean, and obviously a real economic benefit to the local community. Later, at the blackjack table, I had to work hard to break even, but did, and actually left with $30 of their money, thanks to a coupon I'd gotten in the mail offering that reward for showing up with an out-of-state drivers license.

On Wednesday morning, we headed back West 30 miles to Hinckley, checking into one of the best RV parks in the country, on the "Good Sam Club" list of the top 100. With my players card, the $20 a night is a heck of deal, cable television, a swimming pool, and level blacktop pads to park on. After "Jeopardy" (Hazel would never miss that), we caught the shuttle and had the $10 special BBQ Ribs and Chicken. Hazel headed back to the RV park, and I stuck around for a couple of hours to play blackjack, picking up $50 bucks. As I found out the next evening, it wasn't going home to Princeton with me.

On Thursday morning, I headed out to explore the park, walking our two Pomeranians, and couldn't resist stopping to talk to interesting fellow campers along the way, including a new next door neighbor who just pulled in with his Fleetwood 36' Bounder. The fellow was from Georgia, he'd been traveling out West, and his wife insisted they stop at the Hinckley casino on the way home to have the "all you can eat crab leg buffet" on Sunday. Personally, I think you can starve to death eating crab legs, with all the energy needed to get at the eating part, but I didn't say anything.

My son Glenn and his family just got back from a month in China, where he ate at an "all you can eat lobster" restaurant, and those lobsters were shipped in from Boston. Now, that would be something.

Hazel's birthday was last week, turning a solid seventy, and she had a coupon for a free birthday buffet dinner, saving me $12 bucks. I have a real love-hate relationship with those buffets, I love the food, and hate it when I eat too much. But, I tried to control myself, and finished up the meal by only having one desert.

After dinner, Hazel again headed back to the motorhome, and I stayed around to play blackjack and give the casino back all the money I'd won the night before. They needed the money to pay for all those lights on the sign out front. Back in the motorhome, I explained it to Hazel, saying "Hey, it's cheaper than GOLF, you know ... "

Going home "even" after being at a casino for 3 days is really "winning", right?

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