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I highly recommend the interview with Andrew Bacevich. His perspective is critical to understanding why our country is where it is today. We owe our children at least a chance for a decent life. To do this we must wake up our representatives in Washington to the very real possibility of our country collapsing under the weight of a military-industrial complex out of control!

Interview with Retired US Army Colonel, Vietnam Vet, and historian, Andrew Bacevich

The idealist/optimist always sees the sun shining and the moon's bright glow, flowers in the field always smell sweet, and the birds sing to the wind. They wonder why others fail to sense the beauty around them but still they pursue their dreams. Once in awhile someone in power or position hears or sees what these people are hearing/seeing. At that moment we come a bit closer to peace and harmony, and move a step away from injustice and tyranny.

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