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Information about Washington Bulb Co.

Pretty little Dutch Windmill on the grounds

Flaming Parrot Tulip

Temple of Beauty



Ice Cream

Larry enjoying all the varieties

This was the last of the Daffodils

Larry, did you make me sit on the wet ground on purpose?

Soooooo many kinds

Scarlet Pimpernel

Princess Irene

Strong stems and tall as your waist

Oh so gorgeous - Fabio

The fellas giggled at this bush

These were two toned, didn't get their names

Yellow Crown

Queen of the Night

White Trumphator


Oh so pretty - didn't get their name either

Bye-bye from Tulip Land

We did a day trip today to Mt Vernon, WA the flower bulb capitol. We were a tad late for the Bulb Festival (ended last weekend), the fields were empty, but we found a lovely flower garden full of Tulips. The Daffodils were already spent for the season, the Tulips were in full bloom, and the Iris’ were next to bloom.

We were all amazed at the variations of Tulips by color and combinations of colors, and the fluted or curly edges of some varieties. Even the fellas were enjoying the flowers. However, they did get a kick out of an odd shaped bush and were giggling about it.

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