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Approaching Homer

Welcome to Homer

View of Homer Spit as we travel south

Homer Elks RV parking

View of Grewingk Glacier from the Homer Elks Lodge

Our view of Kachemak Bay from the Lodge back yard

Bigger than your hand, a Himalyan Poppy

Our morning sentinel

Colorful old homestead house

Photo explains the tide change

Patterns in the sand

Interesting patterns at low tide

Poot Peak in the forground

Grewingk Glacier over Kachemak Bay

Float planes everywhere

Homer Spit postcard photo

Homer Spit Marina

Homer private boat marina

Quaint shops along the boardwalk

People cleaning their catch

The famous Salty Dawg Saloon

Another view of Salty Dawg

The commercial boardwalk

Johnathan Hillstrand, The Time Bandit captain from Deadliest Catch TV show

The Time Bandit store

Wow, look what a big salmon Larry got!

Cheryl's big Halibut

Commercial fish cleaners

Parking along the Spit, and the mountains are actually showing

Friday night races

Scavengers arrive as the tide goes out

Other scavengers on the dumpster

This Bald Eagle was looking for fish scraps

Fishing at the end of the Spit

Cheryl & Gidget at the end of the land on the Spit

Fancy resort "Lands End" at the end of the Spit

Sailors Memorial

The bell tolls for those lost at sea

Interesting boat

This one has personality

Another "Moose Sighting" at the Homer Elks

A night out at the local Theatre

Two Southern Belles gossiping on their porch

Bear Creek Winery

The winery's postcard

They have a beautiful setting for the winery and the lodge

The Homer Spit from our scenic drive

Grewingk Glacier from our scenic drive

Dixon and Portlock Glaciers

More ice fields further back in the Bay

Low tide in Kachemak Bay

Ice filled mountains, a field of an "Old Burn" and bright Fireweed...

Float planes on Beluga Lake

Kachemak Bay

Alutiq Native seal intestine rain jacket

Mud Flats

River Mouths

Saltwater Marshes


Kenai Peninsula

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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Singing Deer

We are spending 6 days in Homer, AK. and besides the glaciers all around, the most memorable thing is the tide changes in Kachemak Bay. There are extreme tides in Cook Inlet, the highest in the world, that can rise & fall as much as 37 feet in Anchorage (farther up the Inlet) During New & Full Moons in Kachemak Bay, water levels may vary up to 28 vertical feet in a six hour period. On the beach below the Elks Lodge where we stayed, Bishops Beach, an extreme tide can advance hundreds of yards in a very short time. The low tide creates mud flats in some areas, and beautiful patterned sands in others.

The enormous variation is caused by the distance the water has to push up the Cook Inlet, and then the Kachemak Bay; and the topography which “squeezes” the water as the Inlet narrows. It was amazing to see the marina docks on the Spit at such a steep angle, and how tall the pilings are at low tide, to allow for the tide changes.

Visiting The Islands & Oceans Visitor Center we learned that Russian explorer’s sparked a “fur rush” in 1742 when they returned to Russia with sea otter pelts. A single pelt in the Chinese market was worth 3 times their yearly pay. The Fur Rush lasted 170 years and decimated populations of native animals and Native Peoples that they forced into labor and affected with disease.

By 1860 not only Russian, but British, French, Spanish & American fur traders had harvested sea otters and by 1899 they were extremely rare.

The exhibit also explained the tide changes in the Kachemak Bay with photos of Mud Flats, River Mouths, Saltwater Marshes & Fjords – all of which we saw while there. This whole region is a huge fjord with many fjords in it.

We wandered the boardwalks and shops. Walked to the end of Homer Spit where the hotel is called “Lands End”. There were many people fishing off the end of the Spit. This whole area is all about fishing but it’s also about the views. We saw Johathan Hilstrand from the TV Show Deadliest Catch, signing TIME BANDIT Tshirts and Susan had to get one for her grandson. We also went for a couple scenic drives above the city to enjoy the views of the glaciers and the bay, and found Bear Creek Winery for a taste of local wines.

While boon docking in the Homer Elks Lodge parking lot, we were treated to a visit every morning from a huge Bald Eagle that would perch up on the light pole in the parking lot and watch us. I made sure to keep Gidget close to me while going out for our morning walk.

Like we have seen time and time again, sea planes or float planes are everywhere. There were many on Beluga Lake at the neck of Homer Spit, and they were in the air constantly.

We went to a local playhouse for a musical comedy production on its last night, and the author of the play was in the audience, and everyone applauded her.

It’s been raining again, and again. The others are waiting to go on a sea plane to and island to see bears, but the weather isn’t cooperating.

Listen to the beginning of the video clip of the deer. He says. . . "IF YOU FIND DEER FEED IN THE MIDDLE OF A FOREST...BE A BIT SUSPICIOUS" then it starts singing.

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