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My cousins Tordes and her brother Jerome at their mom's (my Tante...

Peter and Cyril relaxing on the couch

Who will win? Peter or Cyril?

Cyril, the Welsh Terrier we are dog sitting

Hi Friends,

Sept 11, 2010 we arrived at my cousin Tordes's home (Vancouver). We were invited to attend a Celebration of Life for her mother, my Tante (Aunt) Anita. We stood outside in the backyard at 4:45 pm and presented a toast to her life. Tordes and her brother Jerome spoke a few words as well as Tordes's daughter Riel. Just as Tordes started to talk, it started to rain - just a drizzle. She looked up and said, "Mom loves a party and here she is crying because she can't be here!" Lots of Anita's friends, old and new arrived, as well as family. As I said to Tordes, I know that her mom would have been proud of how she put together the whole day!

We are in Langley until the end of the month, house and dog sitting. One of my other cousins, Heidi, and her husband headed east to New York for a few days, then off on a cruise up the east coast ending in Quebec City. Meanwhile we live in their home.

Their dog Cyril, a Welsh Terrier, is a very well behaved and wonderful dog. We are enjoying looking after him. As for the 4 walks a day, we are getting used to doing that as well. It can't hurt us to get out and exercise (walk) a few times a day - we keep telling ourselves that it is good for us!

Talking about good for us, well me to be exact - I joined Curves (a ladies only exercise club) about a month ago. They have travel passes, so I am able to continue doing my exercises even while I am here in Langley. Hopefully I will eventually get in shape and lose a bit of weight in the process! That is my goal.

Hope you enjoy the photos today, take care, Peter & Connie

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