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Gareth stands in front of the vast Blue Mountains Range - about...

Helen at the Blue Mountains! Check out the reflection!

The Blue Mountains

Helen slurps on a tasty apple juice in the Blue Mountains!

Gareth (fighting a hangover...) slurps his juice.

Helen at the Mountains - check out the view!

The vastness of The Blue Mountains opens up before Gareth.

It's the Blue Mountains alright!

The vertical train down to the bottom - one of the world's...

Woah woah woah! Back your truck up!

Down the side of the mountain we go! It's very very steep!!

Helen at the bottom - "I'm not doing that again!"

Look at the size of this lizard that's in the jungle!

There he is!

The Blue Mountains

The Three Sisters in the distance

The rainforest in the Blue Mountains

Helen smiling away!

Gareth lookin' cheeky! It was a really hot day!

Gareth at The Three Sisters

One of the coal mines found deep in the Blue Mountains

Gareth meets a new friend. Oh, it's a statue.


Today we went up to the Blue Mountains! It's great up there. We did it cheap style and just jumped on the train instead of paying for a posh tour. The upshot of that is that we did it for about half price - which was nice. The mountains are 'blue', science fans, because of the reflection of the sun's light against the Euculyptus oil in the air. Oh yes.

We got to the 'Blue Mountain town' of Katoomba after a two hour train ride and got breakfast at a very camp restaurant on the way to the mountains - great food but a bit expensive!

We then headed down to the edge of the plateau, where you can see the Blue Mountains for miles around. Although they're called mountains, really they are just a long series of valleys. These guys need to spend some time in the alps.

Although it's a naturally beautiful area, mankind has decided to spoil it somewhat with huge multi storey carparks and huge buildings / cablecars over looking the area. It was very good though. We realised that (even though we gave it a go) you didn't have to go on all the cable cars / tourist gumpf to enjoy the area. The most rewarding part of the day was the trekking in the rainforest, which was superb.

Mind you, there is a great 'train' that takes you nearly vertically down the cliff. It's the steepest incline in the world and the look on people's faces as it flew down the canyon was hilarious!

We walked miles today!

From there we walked around to Echo Point, which gives a great view of 'The Three Sisters', a striking sandstone rock formation that jutts out of the plateau. The views from that point of the surrounding area were huge, showing views of at least 40 miles away.

A great day out!

We will return again to this area of outstanding natural beauty.

Lots of love and banter, Gareth and Helen x x x

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