Dan In The South Pacific 2006 travel blog

Rock art at Ubirr

Rock art at Ubirr (2)


Ubirr (2)

Ubirr (3)

Ubirr (4)

Ubirr (5)

Ubirr (6)

Ubirr (7)

The safari bus

Crocodile on Mary River


Lilies on Mary River

Sign before reaching Twin Falls

Boat ride to Twin Falls

Boat ride to Twin Falls (2)

Twin Falls

Jim Jim Falls during the dry

Jim Jim Falls drop pool

Maguk aka Barramundi Falls

The final leg of my trip began at 6:30 am. 13 people were on this trip to Kakadu and the weird part was that two of the people were from the Lake District in Edmonton and had never met previously.

Anyways, as normal for Australia you drive for hours have a stop for breakfast and then reach somewhere by about 10:00. We arrived at a billabong on the Mary River where we did another river cruise. This one had tons of wildlife including Jabirus, Brolgahs, crocs, white bellied sea eagles, and cockatoos. It was really great. We then had a short lunch afterwards and then drove on into Kakadu and reached Ubirr, the most famous rock art location in Australia. The rock art was interesting and we then hiked to the top of an escarpment for a great panorama. After leaving Ubirr we went to Cooinda where our campsite was, had dinner, learned to play the didgeridoo and then slept.

The next day began at 4:30 am. We ate breakfast and then drove out to the edge of Kakadu where the Twin falls and Jim Jim falls are located. We had to do some rough 4X4 driving through some sections that required the snorkel kit on the bus. When we reached Twin falls we first had to board a river boat and then after a quick ride we walked about 400m to the falls. It was nice, especially the beach. We could not go swimming in the water due to the crocodiles. After getting back to the bus we then drove on to Jim Jim Falls. This falls had about a 900m walk from the car park but was also worth the walk. Being in the dry there were no actual water falls, but the drop pool is great for swimming year round. We then walked back to the bus, had lunch, and then drove to our final waterfall of the day. The traditional name for it is Maguk, but it is also called Barramundi Falls. This was the final swim opportunity of the day and was only visited because most of the people were on a 3 day trek of Kakadu but I was on a 2 day trip. After visiting the falls we drove to a drop point where me and Joe, the other guy from Edmonton, got a ride back to Darwin.

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