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Paul & Larry are ready to go!

Pretty Marcie :)

Yep, I'm here too! It was a great evening!

We'll be back in this space, same time next year! Can you...

Time to say goodbye, for this year at least!

Getting ice to put in the black tank to 'swish' around as...

Nice pic of Marcie, Larry & Paul...

Well, the time has finally come to move on. We plan to pull out around 11am tomorrow, Tuesday. We've been having trouble keeping our generator running & since we might be doing a bit of boondocking over the next 6 weeks we've decided to stop at a Cummin's shop in Gillette. We'll pull in late tomorrow afternoon & they said there is a hookup on site & they'll check us out at 7:30am Wednesday morning. Sure hope it's something minor. It is a 6500 Onan propane unit & seems to be propane starved. Maybe a regulator?? If we're able to move on early enough we're headed to Buffalo to go through the museum. Then to Gallatin Canyon & into Montana, destination Yellowstone on 191 in Idaho. Then through Washington & Oregon before finally arriving in Nevada for the winter. Should be an interesting, beautiful trip!

Wow, I can't believe how long it's taken us to break down. I know when you sit still for 3 months you use & purchase more things. But this is just ridiculous! We'll be purging this rig when we arrive in Ely. Mom, let's do a yard sale ok? We'll put some of your gently used things out too, lol!

Tonight we enjoyed visiting & sharing dinner with Paul & Marcie. I pressure cooked & then Larry grilled baby back ribs. Yummy....Marcie made scalloped potatoes, a delicious salad, homemade dinner rolls and a homemade apple pie that she served with ice cream. Oh my, I could barely waddle my way back home, lol! She also sent us home with homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast tomorrow & Wednesday. We are sure going to miss them.

And speaking of missing folks, there are so many of you that we will sorely miss. We have spent another wonderful summer here in the Black Hills & this truly feels like home. We feel so blessed to have shared in so many of your lives. Of course we'll be back again next year & you will all be in our thoughts & prayers over these next few months.

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