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It was comfortable camping at the KOA, but we were in need of a little elbow room and a more pristine environment so we headed north of Tucson to Catalina State Park for our third stay here. We gave up decent wi-fi and a sewer connection for great scenery. The park is bounded by the Catalina Mountains. As the sun rises and moves through the sky, the shadows move as well and the colors change. We could spend all day sitting and watching them.

But we were visited by our energetic friends who took us on a hike through the park. When you hike in the desert, the last thing you expect to encounter is water, but with all the El NiƱo rains that fell here before we arrived, we had to ford a stream four times on a 2+ mile hike. The weather is so warm midday when the sun is out, that it felt good to get my feet wet. The saguaro cactus grow thickly here. And after all that rain green is busting out all over. Because today was a holiday, we joined on the trail by numerous families, but the park is so large, that we hardly noticed. We've seen a number of road runners as we've driven around. We associate these birds with cartoons, but they are well named and a challenge to photograph because they are so fast. Tucson is also a very bike friendly city and a flock of cyclists, outfitted in colorful spandex flew past us as we hiked.

Back at the rig we drank Happy Camper wine and watched those mountains as the sun set. We share thirty years of memories so the conversation ranged from the distant past to the future. Ken grilled gourmet burgers and we shared a meal. It was supposed to be topped off by s'mores, but open fires are not allowed here and after the sun sets, the desert cools quickly, we we went inside to watch a slide show from our trip to Africa last fall.

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