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Savannah sparrow in Anchor Point meadow

Greater Yellowlegs in flight

Mt. Iliamna in the mists

Northwestern Crow at Anchor Point

Sandhill Crane portrait

Bog Candle, an orchid

Tundra Swans at Eagle Lake

Duckling at Eagle Lake

Mystery Flower

Mystery flower close up

Autumn is coming...

Date: July 24, 2013

Tonight’s Location: Homer, AK

Weather: bright sunshine

Temperature: start 57º

High 73º

Wildlife count: Sea Otter, Harbor Seal

Year List: 260

Birds: Alder Flycatcher, Black-billed Magpie, Greater Yellowlegs, First year Bald Eagle, Savannah Sparrow, Common Raven, Northwestern Crow, Tundra Swan, Pacific Loon, Ducklings?,

As it was Tuesday, we enjoyed breakfast at Duncan House Café. It is bright and sunny, so we drove to Anchor Point to scout for returning shorebirds. We did see a flock of Greater Yellowlegs, and they have been around for awhile, but other than recognizing a first year Bald Eagle, we didn’t see a lot of birds. The beach was beautiful, having just come off of the highest scheduled tide of the year. We saw lots of greywacke, and some granite that looked like it was flecked with gold! It must have been the sunshine. We walked almost to the mouth of the river, a good 3 mile round trip.

Ithaca called from the Visitor’s Center that some folks wanted to know the way to Eagle Lake, so we said we were going and they could follow us. After a snack and some relaxed reading in the sunshine, we picked up David and the other birders and headed out to Eagle Lake – what a perfect afternoon. We got up to the lake in time to see the Tundra Swans and Pacific Loon, a lifer for our new birding friends. However, we all were swarmed by mosquitoes, and I left my long-sleeve shirt in the truck – what a mistake! Although I was swarmed and stung many times, I can only feel one bite that itches tonight! That may change tomorrow morning. The flowers there were also stunning, and we got some beautiful photos of them.

David wanted to hike Beluga Slough when we got back, so we went to Starvin’ Marvin’s pizza with Jim and Kathy and enjoyed a delightful dinner together and conversation. All that fresh air has made us tired, so it is an early evening to bed!

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